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Holocaust Project

Section 2

Lee Glazebrook

on 9 April 2010

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Transcript of Holocaust Project

Hitler's perfect race, prisnors and programs The Perfect Race Aryans were belived to be the perfect race, but in order to be Aryan you had to have blonde hair blue eyes The Death Camps In addition to the concentration camps hitler also had a program called Action T-4 which was a death camp for the mentally disabled
The Prisnors besides the jewish Hitler had many other prisnors such as the mentally disabled, Romas, Poles, Non Europeans, POWS, jehovahs' witness, Slavs, Homosexuals, and many others just because of their race or religion Non-Europeans and polis people The Polis were Polish people and they were killed because their population was over 90% Jewish. Hitler outlined them as one of the five targeted countries and then decimated them taking out over 14% of their population. Hitleralso killed manyNon-Europeans such as blacks and Asians, however a pact signed in 1940 banned Hitler from killing the Japanese.He also kept hispanics of Germanic descent.. POWS and Slavs Slavs or the Soviets were also killed when Hitler.commenced on an invasion there. The prisnors of war (POW) from the Red Army were also executed at the same time The mentally handicapped, Romas, and homosexuals The mentally disabled were killed as Hitler put it because they were "useless eaters" in death camps set up by Action T-4. The Romas (Gypsies) were killed because they were an impure race. Homosexuals were treated much less violently and were given three choises sterilization, castration, or imprisonment Race, Religion and Pacifists The Jehovah's Witness were killed because of their refusal to hail Hitler and their pacifism. The Catholics and certain christians that fell under jewish ancestary. The races fell under the same as the non- european
The End
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