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TesterBootCamp. Lesson 2


Artem Vasiuk

on 26 May 2014

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Transcript of TesterBootCamp. Lesson 2

Tester Boot Camp Overview of Testing Area
What is IT?
Hardware, Firmware, Software
Software Development
Waterfall, Agile, Scrum Lesson 1 Artem Vasiuk testerbootcamp@ya.ru @artyvasiuk Test Manager Software Testing Process
Tester Responsibilities
Working with Requirements
Test Cases creation
Defects reporting
Defect Tracking Systems Lesson 2 Black/White box testing
Levels of Testing
Types of Testing
Functional Testing
Non-Functional Testing Lesson 3 Test Planning & Execution
Test Plan document
Test Metrics
Test Related activities
UX Lesson 4 Automated testing tools
Performance testing tools
Professional levels of tester
Career opportunities
Certifications Lesson 5 Thank You! www.TesterBootCamp.narod.ru TesterBootCamp@ya.ru @artyvasiuk #testerbootcamp arty.vasyuk Requirements Test Cases Defects Architectural
Non-functional Characteristics of Good requirements Unitary
Traceable Current
Verifiable Requirements analysis Documenting requirements Changes in requirements User Story "As a <role> , I want <goal/desire>
so that <benefit>" "As a <role>, I want <goal/desire>" "In order to <receive benefit> as a <role>,
I want <goal/desire>" Examples -As an admin, I want to search for my customers by their first and last names.

-As a non-administrative user,
I want to modify my own details but not the details of other users.
-Starting Application
The application begins by bringing up the last document the user was working with.

-As a user starting the application,
I want to get the last document I was working with. Verification and Validation Ensures that "you built it right" Confirms that provided product will fulfill its intended use Until 1956 - Debugging oriented
1957–1978 - Demonstration oriented
1979–1982 - Destruction oriented
1983–1987 - Evaluation oriented
1988–2000 - Prevention oriented Test Case is... ...is a set of conditions or variables under which a tester will determine whether an application or software system is working correctly or not. Typical written test case attributes:
Test case ID
Test case name/description
Test steps
Expected and Actual Result
Is Automated
Related requirement(s)
Comments What about Checklists? Test Case 1
Test Case 2
Test Case N Test Suite A

Test Suite B
Test Suite X Test Design Test Cases... Defects and Failures Fault – wrong or missing function in the code.
Failure – the manifestation of a fault during execution.
Malfunction – the system does not meet its specified functionality. Cost to fix a defect Defect Lifecycle Heisenbug Bohr bug Mandelbug Schroedinbug Defect Tracking Systems Mantis Bugzilla Jira PROCESS Analysis Coding Testing Release Requirements Test Cases Defects Feedback OR
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