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Picture Citation

No description

olivia tierney

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Picture Citation

Pict How to Cite a Photograph! by Margot and Olivia
What a citation? n. the act of citing
or quoting a reference to an authority or a precedent. ("citation") What can we cite? -a book?
-a website?
-a photograph! photograph- n. a picture produced by photography
("photograph") How to cite a photograph: Step 2: the title of the photograph, italicized agian followed by a period. Example Step 1: First cite the authors name, last than first, followed by a period. 1. First cite the authors name, first than last followed by a period. 2. State the title of the artwork italicized, again followed by a period. 3. Cite the date the photograph was published. The date should look like the following 4 May. 2010. First the day then month with a period following. Next the year with a period to finish the date 4. Cite the medium of the artwork. For example, "Photograph" or "Charcoal on paper." 5. The institution and where the photograph is located followed by a comma. 6. The city where the institution is found followed by a period.
7. For any artwork found online do not cite the medium but include the web site title, the medium, ("Web"), and the date of access. The End! is Citation
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