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Digital Online & eCommerce platform

No description

Amy Shearing

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Digital Online & eCommerce platform

Digital Online & Ecommerce Platform Overview The Digital Online & Ecommerce platform is a reliable, robust and scalable shared platform being made available for all Pearson businesses. Digital Online & Ecommerce Platform Overview Digital Online & eCommerce Platform eCommerce Customer Management Discounts and Pricing Subscriptions Social /Community Product Management Site & Catalog Management reducing the cost of training on and supporting different systems. What are the benefits of moving onto the same platform?
Create and manage product groups Create static or dynamic sites What technology is powering the applications? Web Content Management is powered by Apache Solr, using a custom-built administrative interface. are powered by Quova geolocation service. are powered by Omniture SiteCatalyst. is powered by Jive. eCommerce
Product Management
Customer Management
Site & Catalog Management Web Content Management Search Geolocation Analytics / Reporting What is the platform? are provided by a mix of out of the box functionality from Elastic Path as well as customisation within the Elastic Path platform. is powered by Adobe CQ } Subscription Management is powered by Aria subscriptions software (part of the Elastic Path offering). Social Networking Search Web Analytics Internationalisation & localisation Customer Management Multi Site and Catalog Management Search
Simple, directed and advanced search Discounts and Price Management Create discounts - tiered, triggered, non-triggered. eCommerce Shopping basket Product Management Social and Community Blogs Web Content Management Subscription Management Analytics and Reporting SiteCatalyst Geolocation Internationalisation and localisation Time-based subscriptions i.e. 1 year service
User friendly content authoring interface Shared technology Dynamic content and linked data Shared customers and insights Consistent online user experience Simplicity Off the shelf functionality Open source applications leverage enhancements developed for other OpCos. everyone benefits from the functionality built for other Pearson services. Shared functionality enables cross-navigation and content promotion across Pearson. create content once, link to it from many places. user-friendly interface to build your own website. to strengthen the Pearson brand in multiple marketplaces. which may not yet have been envisioned by the business. Create customers It is made up of a mixture of off the shelf products and customised open source applications. It leverages out of box functionality to enable a quicker time to market with minimal customization. The platform will provide business stakeholders with a set of shared reusable online and eCommerce services and capabilities supporting multiple revenue models, as well as enabling each stakeholder to manage their own digital delivery (e.g. web, mobile, and other devices) roadmaps. Manage product information Add rich assets to products and contributors Manage contributor information Manage different product types e.g. digital, physical. Create or edit email templates Manage a site definition Set up SEO information for your dynamic pages Define catalog rules to associate your products and contributors with websites Set up redirects and vanity URLS Associate mini sites to a website
Self-service account management - registration, log in, address book management. Block customers Manage customers' orders - insert and remove items Manage refunds, returns and cancellations Reset customer passwords
Synonyms, redirects, relevancy
Site search creation and configuration
Marketing driven search result boosting
Search processing Create standard and single use coupons Manage pricing and discounts Configure discount rules Preview pricing and discounts Order management Checkout process Payment processing Gift certificates/vouchers Product rights management Tax management Shipping and fulfillment Search of user generated content Polls /quizzes Document collaboration Wikis Forums
Web campaigns and adverts targeting specific types of site visitor
Content approval workflow
Mobile website previews Site structure, page templates and components creation Page-level content and static pages/dynamic pages creation Personalisation of websites for different audiences Content versioning Web digital asset management Integration with email/alerting capability - reminder service. Usage-based subscriptions i.e. 20 times service Perpetual subscriptions i.e. one off payment for service Subscription trial and grace periods Manual and auto renewals Subscription billing management Subscription licensing management Exporting reports data Marketing analytics and metrics Advertising analytics Mobile analytics Navigation analytics Order and coupon reporting Multiple currency support Personalisation based on IP address Multiple language support
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