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New vs Old

No description

Bethany Matchett

on 12 April 2016

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Transcript of New vs Old

New VS Old
Problems with the New Cutter.
-Taking it home over the Christmas break really helped with trying to figure out how to use the program.
-Took awhile to figure out just how to use it, but with a lot of recherch and help from my step dad we were able to figure out how to cut words out.
-I thought that the new program would be harder to use then the old one, but the new one is a lot easier to use.
-One of the major problems that I came across was also taking pictures from the internet and cutting them.

Figuring things out with the old cutter.
-After playing around with the old cutter I was able to start cutting out easy things such as words.
-Getting a good handle on how to use the program I started the project that Wood wanted done. Just by putting in the names of the teacher and the MV logo that we disigned up for the name tags.
-Putting in a USB and uploading the files to the program and just as simple as going into the settings and pressing cut.
Figuring out the New Cutter.
-Playing around for a few days with the cutter, I figured out how to cut the simple thinks like words.
-Not like the old cutter, the procoss of the Camero program is a lot more simple.
-Type the word.
-Send to cutter.
Problems with the Old Cutter.
vs Old

- Didn't know how to use the program. I had to get Mr. Wallen to show me how to use it. He used it before which made it a lot easier.
-The program was not like the program I used when I was helping back at the shop with my parents. So it took a while to figure out how to use it.
-Trying to take a picture from the internet to be able to cut turned out to be a lot more difficult then I thought. Having to take the picture and put t into a different program and pretty well draw it out and save it then open it on the cutting program.
Putting the name tags together.
-Loaded the names and logo into the program.
-Put in the size we needed in.
-Send to the cutter.
-Peeled the garbage vinyl away from the letters slow and carefully.
-Put the transfer paper over the name.
-Place on plastic.
-Press down with something flat.
-Peel the transfer paper off.
First Semester VS Second Semester
Old Cutter.
- During second semester, we have figured out how to use the old cutter pretty well, by finishing up all the teachers signs for Mr. Wood.

- One of the problems we had last semester was that we couldn't get pictures into the program for the old cutter. Once again, we still haven't figure that out.

First Semester VS Second Semester.
New Cutter.
- Last semester I was having problems with how to take the pictures from the internet and put them into the programs. Having worked with it a lot this semester, We have figured it out.
It's as simple as this.

- Opening the internet.
-Saving the picture as if you where to want to put into a project.
-Go into the program.
-Go to the top of the page to file. Open up your pictures, find the picture you saved.
-Open the picture.
Teacher's Names.
Last semester I started the project for Mr. Wood, doing the teacher's signs for him. With having help now, I was able to finish up the names of the teacher. Getting them put on the pastics and getting the shop classes to make the "L" brackets. Now that we have gotten the teacher's names done, we are moving on to the different parts of the school, such as the Pool. gym... ect.
New Cutter.
- New cutter last semester seemed like it was going to be hard to work with, where I couldn't figure out how to bring pictures in, but we have been able to figure out have to do a lot of kool different things such as the Memorial stickers we did. It was a lot of detail.

- Now that we have figure out most of the bumps, Micheala wants to make cancer ribbons in support of a little girl she knows.

- One problem we have yet to figure out is why it's cutting double ligns.
This semester our goals were to finish the teacher's signs that Wood wanted done. We used the old cutter for to finish them were the disign was already on that program.

With the new cutter we have done quite a few person stickers for people, such as the Memorial signs for the Deer Plaques.

Bethany- My goals for second semester with the new cutter are to make person grad banners for our grads if they want them, also to do some banners up for Mr. Jamison.
At the beginning of the term I started out doing a project on my own using the embroidery machine. A few weeks ago there were some complications with the machine that Mr. Halogen and myself could not figure out. With time being very limited I had to jump onto Bethany's project since I had no time to start something new. My part in the project was basically doing grunt work for Bethany, I helped peel and stick the vinyl for the signs and helped with putting on the grommets. I learned a bit about how to use the newer vinyl machine, but have not done my own successful print yet. I also learned a few other things along the way like the difference in different types of vinyl; the vinyl she first started out using harder to peel but the newer stuff was a lot easier and both machines cut really well with it. My favourite part in this project was probably getting to watch the machine cut and then the whole process of peeling and using the transfer paper to place the vinyl on the signs, the hands on work was what I enjoyed most. For my second project I actually plan to use the new vinyl machine to make cancer awareness stickers and possibly other stuff for a fundraiser that I'll be doing for a little girl I know who was recently diagnosed with a rare type of cancer.
"Hope For Her"
Alysha Smith
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