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Jamaica presentation

Jamaica we've got a bobseld team

Tom Brunner

on 7 July 2013

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Transcript of Jamaica presentation

World map
Jamaica is one of the south islands of the Caribbean
145 km south of Cuba

black = strength, creativity, determination
green = beauty of the vegetation
The flag of Jamaica
gold = the brilliant sunshine and the future hopes of the people
1 million inhabitans
The national gallery
Blue mountains
11.000 km²
Coastline = 1000 km
Arawakan word "Xaymaca" = Land of wood and water
1494 Columbus conquered the island for Spain
1655 admiral Penn and general Venables captured the island African slaves were imported
1834 slavery ended; workers from China and India came
6 August 1962 Jamaica was
Population: 3 million people
Black 90.9%
East Indian: 1.3%
White: 0.2%
Chinese: 0.2%
Mixed: 7.3%
Other: 0.1%

Ethnic groups
free from England
average temperature in summer = 29 Celsius
average temperature in winter = 23 Celsius
rainiest months May, June and October - December
Jamaica is in the hurricane belt
(from June - November)
Foods and drinks
Salt fish and Ackee
Jamaica Rum
Most popular sports are...
...track and field
Usain Bolt
Original bobsled team 1988
"Cool Runnings"

Jamaica presentation
by Tom Brunner
Jamaican music includes:
Jamaican folk music

The most famous Reggae singer was Bob Marley
Special facts
Jamaica has got the third highest murder rate; 40 of 1000 get killed by murders
Homosexuality between males is a serious crime in Jamaica, which was punished by death 3 years ago
Jamaica is famous for Marihuana Marihuana is illegal in Jamaica, too, but people smoke it anyway; Tourists can buy Marihuana very easily
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