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on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of EPQ

An Extended Project Presentation Will Commercial Space
Travel Ever be a Viable
Industry in the Future? How did I develop the Project Title
from my initial idea? Area: Science - based

Topic of Space travel:
Subject's Learning 'Limits'
Media Coverage
General Knowledge and Importance Will commercial space travel ever be a viable industry and will it ever provide a successful and sustainable tourist experience for everyone?

Will Commercial Space Travel Ever be A Viable industry and Tourist Experience for everyone?

Will commercial space travel ever be a viable industry and tourist experience in the future?

Will Commercial Space Travel Ever be a Viable Industry in the Future? Vijay Gida Why did I choose this Area and
Topic to Research? What is Commercial Space Travel? Reasons why commercial space travel will be a viable industry in
the future Reasons why commercial space travel will not be a viable industry in
the future Increased Availability of Jobs Advertising and Public Relations Costs for Customers Environmental Effects Federal Aviation Administration's Office of Commercial Space Travel (FAA/AST) defines it as:

“The movement of, or means of moving objects, such as satellites and vehicles carrying cargo, scientific payloads, or passengers, to, from, or in space.”

Commercial spaceflights are carried out using orbital and suborbital vehicles designed, manufactured and owned by private corporations for the primary function of producing profit, without any financial assistance from the government. Educational Experience Virgin Galactic are offering flights just for research purposes:
One type offers researchers to go up with their experiments
Another just contains payloads Construction of buildings to accommodate the corporations and their vehicles' launches:
One example is Spaceport America in the New Mexico desert - Virgin Galactic
Las Cruces area nearby will also benefit from construction Media Coverage of Famous Personalities, i.e. number of celebrities/known worldwide figures who have booked flights with Virgin Galactic Past Experience of the Space Shuttle Program:
Lasted from 1981 - 2011
$206 billion
Many scientific and engineering advances Geophysical Research Letters - Potential Climate Impact of Black Carbon Emitted by Rockets

Two 40 year global atmospheric models of 1000 launches per year were carried out at Las Cruces site (linked to Spaceport America).

600 tonnes of black carbon injected into atmosphere with 80% remaning in the northern hemisphere.

Launches could be heavily affected by respective governments' argreements to the Kyoto Protocol - limit overall emissions which effect global warming and climate change. Table detailing specific experiences Safety NASA's Space Shuttle Program lost 2 manned missions, Challenger and Columbia

U.S.S.R's Soviet Space Program also lost 2 manned missions, Soyuz 1 and Soyuz 11 Strengths of Project Weaknesses of Project If I Re-did my Project Resources Used Websites:
Articles from Online Publications
Corporate Information

Governmental Reports:
The Economic Impact of Commercial Space Transportation on the U.S. Economy in 2009
Wings in Orbit – Scientific and Engineering Legacies of the Space Shuttle

Engineering & Technology Magazine

Scientific Papers:
Geophysical Research Letters Wrote a detailed and concise report

Kept within recommended deadlines for completing different parts of project

Used a wide range of sources from a variety of locations and publications

Main points closely follow and address the investigation title Resources were primarily online sources

Only used one scientific paper due to subscription being necessary

Not many main points in the main body of text

Didn't completely finish researching sources before starting the writing of the report Sections in main section of report were all either 'black or white' Mainly followed plan on initial proposal Try and use a few more books or magazines

Include more points in main section of the report

Try not to procrastinate too much in terms of starting the writing

Be more open-minded for each arguement being both beneficial and a hinderance to the question Citizens in Space:
Program which seeks to allow teachers, scientists and ordinary people to travel to space to test experiments they have designed themselves.

Works with private companies developing commercial spacecraft Skilled Labour from surrounding launch sites/universities:
From above example,
Holloman Airforce base
New Mexico State University Sponsorship by famous brands and companies in and around space

World events related to the market, most recently Felix Baumgartner who broke 3 world records with his jump in October. Hubble Telescope Chandra X-Ray Observatory Various other accidents during training, including the Apollo 1 fire and the Gemini 9 crash, as well as others

Other accidents include the 'Nedelin Disaster' which occured in 1960

FAA won't impose safety regulations for space tourist passengers until October 2015 Space Shuttle Columbia Virgin Galactic's WhiteKnight Two and SpaceShip Two Spaceport America Felix Baumgartner
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