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Casee Lizza

on 18 January 2015

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Transcript of Instagram

What is a ‘selfie’?

A photo of yourself, taken by you. Usually taken on a mobile device for the purpose sharing on social media (Hashtags.org 2015).
There are many social media theorists who believe that social media has created an in-the-moment mentality, whereby content is only appealing if shared and viewed in close time proximity to the actual event (Jericho, 2012). Arguably though, today’s
is tomorrow’s
and the frequency of recorded events and moments makes for detailed archiving of our lives. This enhances our connection to nostalgia purely because we have so many recorded memories to refer back to.
The rise of videos
It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so a platform that lets users post unlimited images is giving way to unlimited exposure. Instagram is the modern day slide show, or photo album, with instant access to hundreds of millions of images at the swipe of a finger.

Users have defined their Instagram styles individually; creating a visual journal for friends and strangers to follow, comment and like pictures. An example of this is American band The Neighborhood who has adopted a completely black and white aesthetic to all images on their Instagram, all interviews and appearances that are made by the band.

Instagram: a visual 'journal'
Combining the people’s love of nostalgia and increasing want for videos of affinity, a popular Instagram trend during December 2014 was the Flipagram ‘Recap’; a slideshow of photos created through the Flipagram app, for the purpose of social media sharing. As the name and timing suggests, it was all about looking back at the year passed and capturing the important moments (Chowdhry 2014).

Week 9: Visual Communities and Social Imaging
Creation of Flipagram stories is not limited to the story of the events of a particular period and is often used simply for entertainment value and amusement, such as this Flipgram about a kettle bell called Wilson, posted by janebiggin (2015).

What is a ‘throwback’?

Posting or reposting and photo or comment from the recent or distant past. Also, #throwbackthursday or #TBT (Hashtags.org 2015).
Team F
"Let me take a selfie!"

Flipagram Recap 2014 (Ilvololasvegas (2015):
A kettle bell called Wilson:
Facebook also offered us the similar, algorithm generated (and arguably unauthorised) look back on 2014; however, it wasn’t as well embraced as the Flipagram recap (Chowdhry 2014). Unfortunately for Facebook, some users were presented with cover photos recalling moments of hardship or grief without an opt-in choice being given and that did not go down well (Chowdhry 2014).
Instagram allows users to alter their photos, applying filters, removing unflattering lines, take for example the below image of Kris Kardashian and Gordon Ramsey:
Instagram: Filters
Most liked in 2014
The most liked image on Instagram of 2014 was posted by Kim Kardashian featuring her and Kayne West’s wedding, this image was liked 2.49 million times, however it took Kayne and his team four days to apply filters, color correct the flowers and the tones is Kim’s dress before it was deemed ready for Instagram (News.com.au 2014)
Brands and people that have become “popular” on Instagram have used their accounts to promote an idea and a lifestyle, not a brand. Two examples of this are
. These two businesses have mastered the art of the ‘#hashtag’ to promote their brands, tapping into targeted audience segments (Gregorio 2014). As at 2014, hashtags have become part of the social media vernacular, and are a prominent feature of the social media landscape (Pindoriya 2014).
Promoting a Lifestyle
Byrchendale is a wedding venue located in Murchison. This rustic location provides a stunning back drop for weddings. This is a new business, and such only has 32 posts, and 337 followers; however, this brand has tapped into some very popular wedding hastags, such as #melbournebride (2975 posts) #rusticstyle (3158 posts) #counrtywedding (56,728 posts).

Much like Kaikinibikinis this brand is all about aesthetics, and they have hit the mark beautifully.
The photo on the right was posted by Gordon, without any of the retouching, showing the image as it was captured.
The image on the left was posted by Kris, having heavily airbrushed the image to portray a youthful image.
Kaikinibikinis is a Hawaiian based swimwear company that has used their Instagram to fuel their business; from clever hashtags to beautiful images the brand has created a following of 43 thousand with 1,199 posts. One of the bands most popular hastags is
which has 1,158 hashtag mentions from all around the world. The brand has used Instagram to create a lifestyle that consumers want to be part of, not a brand that shoves their product down your throat.
Marketing with user-generated content
Compared to traditional media
Not only does Instagram offer a way for businesses to share their customer’s experiences with each other, but it allows Instagram to see a different side to the businesses; they want to see something beyond the products offered and advertisements they see on billboards, commercials, and magazines (Austin 2013). Other media allows them to see products and promotions, but Instagram allows for companies to show behind-the-scenes action, and how other consumers are engaging with their products. Because of its simplicity (focusing purely on visual elements), Instagram can promote globally – “because a photo translates to any language” (Eswein in Wortham 2012).

In this sense, small businesses are able to promote their product by capturing its visual appeal, providing behind-the-scenes experiences, and engaging users through the sharing of other consumers’ positive experiences with their products (PR Newswire 2012).

To further their exposure, businesses use the facilities of social media (geotagging, hashtagging, reposting, and sharing across other platforms) to engage new users. News.com.au (2014) outline the top five ways small businesses are using Instagram to successfully build a following:

Tell a story – provide the behind-the-scenes action which adds a personal touch, and
tells more about the business behind the product;
Observe the techniques of already-established brands for inspiration;
Use hashtags so that users who are actively searching for similar images are
Respond to questions and engage with customers;
Use hashtags to search for images that consumers are posting and comment on
them or repost them to generate interest.

Small Buisness
The Birth of Instagram
Instagram was launched on 6 October, 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger (Instagram 2015; We Are Social Media 2014).

Within two months there were one million users, and 10 months after its conception, the 150 millionth upload was made (We Are Social Media 2014).

By 26 September, 2011, Instagram boasted 10 million users, and is voted ‘Phone App of the Year’ for 2011 (We Are Social Media 2014).

(We Are Social Media 2014,)
Instagram Growth
On 9 April, 2012, Facebook bought Instagram, and by 26 July, 2012, Instagram had over 80 million users (We Are Social Media 2014).
Six months later, this had grown to over 100 million users (We Are Social Media 2014). United States, Japan and Brazil have the most users (Moreno 2014). Facebook paid $1billion for Instagram in cash and stock. When purchased by Facebook, Instagram only had 13 employees (Moreno 2014).
There are 57 million photos bearing the hashtag ‘
’. This is the reason #selfie was named word of the year by the Oxford Dictionary (Moreno 2014).


Instagram introduced video capabilities in June 2013 (We Are Social Media 2015).
The rise of photos and videos on social media is all due to our desire to tell a story and show people how we see the world (Farman 2014).

Video in particular lends itself well as a medium for visual storytelling (Lange 2009). It is hypothesised by some social media experts that video will be among the hottest social media trends in 2015, particularly for Instagram (DeMers 2014; King 2015).
70 per cent of Instagram users check it at least once a day (Moreno 2014).
Kylie Jenner (@kyliejenner) has the most selfies on Instagram with over 500 (Moreno 2014)!
Taking a picture.

Add a person or a geographic place by make their names clickable.

Hash tag (#):
A function that makes the words you write after using # (a hash tag), when writing about your posts, searchable. When using hashtags, you tag the most important words and make them clickable, which makes it easier for users to find posts with themes that interest them.

The users that are interested in an account and want it to appear on their newsfeed can choose to follow it and will be followers of that specific account.

Instagram Dictionary
Instagram Dictionary
A feed where you can see the post from the users you chose to follow.

A function that makes it possible to put different filters on the post you share on Instagram.

A function that makes it possible to “like” what others have posted on Instagram. The amount of likes will be shown below the post.

Popular page:
A page where the most liked posts by the most active and liked accounts are visible to other users. (Johansson & Eklöf Wallsbeck 2014)

Instagram is “a fun and quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. Snap a photo with your mobile phone, and then choose a filter to transform the image into a memory to keep around forever. We are building Instagram to allow you to experience moments in your friends’ lives through pictures as they happen. We imagine a world more connected through photos”. (Instagram 2015)

What is Instagram?
(joshyg27 2014)
Disneyland has recently noted that they have used only user-generated content to market their already-successful park on Instagram – for the past 18 months, they have only posted images captured by visitors to the park. They have sourced these images with the help of a marketing company who has managed to find 2.6 million Instagram photos through searching hashtags and geotags which have not necessarily correctly identified Disneyland, and instead, located specific areas within the park (Shamout 2014). Within the first six months of using user-generated content to promote the park, Disneyland’s Instagram audience boomed from less than 70,000 followers, to over 250,000… and now has over one million followers.
Marketing with user-generated content
This is a clear demonstration that user-generated content engages consumers, and Instagram provides a portal for businesses to achieve this in ways which were previously unattainable. Instagram has superseded other social media portals Twitter and Facebook with usage continually rising, and users are 1.8 times more engaged in it than they are with other social media platforms (Hall 2014).
Photographs work to persuade observers to think and feel a certain way, and establish individual ways of being within society (Vivienne & Burgess 2013). Getting consumers to think and feel a certain way about their product is the main marketing goal of any businesses; after all, no company wants the consumer to think negatively about their product.

It is clear to see why small businesses are starting to take to Instagram to boost exposure.
Marketing with user-generated content
(justinbieber 2013)

Are you a Belieber? #belieber it or not, Justin Bieber has the most followers on Instagram. This image was the most liked image in 2013 (Moreno 2014):

The most popular hashtag on Instagram, by far, is
(Moreau n.d.; Top-Hashtags n.d.).

Its popularity is in part due to its versatility with people applying
to any number of contexts, including romance, family, friendship, pets, purchases – essentially anything that “makes you feel all giddy inside” (hashtags.org 2015).

Over 90 percent of the 150 million people on Instagram are under the age of 35, which makes it an attractive platform for many apparel, entertainment, and media brands focused on the 18 to 34 year old age bracket (Smith 2013).
There are 65 percent of the world’s top 100 brands that have Instagram accounts, and 57 percent of them are active and post pictures or videos at least once a week (Johansson & Eklöf Wallsbeck 2014).

Nike is the most followed brand on Instagram (Moreno 2014).

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream reached 9.8 million people in the U.S. aged 18 to 35 in just eight days (Smith 2013).

The #selfie culture of society has boomed with the development of the photo-sharing social media platform, Instagram, which allows users to create a pictorial journal of their lives as it happens (Farman 2014; Jericho 2012). Fortunately, for businesses, this opens the door for marketing and customer-building strategies by enabling consumers to access behind-the-scenes, personal, and user-generated sides to businesses, as well as allowing them to reach a targeted audience through the use of hashtagging, geotagging, and sharing/regramming. Businesses are able to capitalise on their consumer reach by focusing on personal experiences and visually appealing aspects of their company to engage new and existing customers with their brand (Austin 2013; PR Newswire 2012; Vivienne & Burgess 2013).
(Rocket Post 2013)
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