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Lucky by Alice Sebold

No description

Michelle Richards

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Lucky by Alice Sebold

Lucky by Alice Sebold
The setting at the beginning of the book was at a park by her college, late at night in the month of May.
Then she travels to many different places but ends back up at her college.
" On 8 May 81...I proceeded to walk towards my dorm...walking through Thorden Park" (page31).
Writing style
First person limited.
The book is divided with exposition and dialog.
It seems like she took some court transcripts and police records
"Juror;" is repeated like it was from the records (page 143).
Alice Sebold uses a rabbit foot to symbolize her love
Added her poem to show her inner thoughts, "start a poem with...If they caught you" (page 98)
Alice Sebold talks about the moments leading up to her rape and talked about the moments after. Soon she has to defend her self against her father who says she shouldn't have let it happen. They go on trial against the rapist and then months later another action happens which causes her to lose her best friend. " I never saw Lila again" (page 232).
Motivation & Purpose
A memoir about her rape
Titled Lucky because a police officer told her she was lucky to be alive
She wanted to write about raped of everyone but she could only make a good book out of her own story.
To get her rape across to people
Major Characters
Alice Sebold - A college freshman that was raped and attacked in a park.
Lila - lives down the hall from Alice, becomes a main character at Haven Hall.
Mary Alice - Her best friend that helps her after she is raped. "Mary Alice helped me lie back down" (page 18).
Gregory Madison - the rapist.
About the Arthur
18 when raped she was still a virgin.
Attended Syracuse University.
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