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informational literacy

No description

Amy Pierce-Reas

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of informational literacy

Common Core Reading for Information When I read an informational text I need to:

1. Determine the central idea of a text.
2. Analyze how the author develops the central idea through the use of details
3.Analyze how the author presents information in the text (text organization)
4. Provide an objective summary of the text. What is the central idea of a text?

It is the general subject of a text. Also known
as the topic of the whole text. It is stated in a
few words. Example
Which word below expresses the general or central idea of the entire list?

Freezer/ Dryer/ Refrigerator/Appliance/ Stove Which of the following best describes the central idea?


The Intelligence of Elephants

Elephants' Habitat Head Body Body Body Body Which of the following best describes the central idea?

How much elephants eat

How much mice eat

Animal size and food intake Look for a word, phrase, name in title
Look for a word, phrase, name in bold print, italics, or color (stands out)
Look for a word, phrase, or word repeated throughout the text
A word appears at the beginning of a paragraph and then replaced with pronouns How do I find the central idea of a text? It's all about digging deeper into the texts. Body Body Body Body Body Body Body Body Body Body Body The Purpose is to read to gain information and knowledge. Newspaper articles, textbooks, science journals... Make sure the website is a creditable resource. The internet is a great resource to find online magazines and journals. 1. Preview the text and text features. What are the steps to reading an informational text? 2. Make a prediction and set a purpose for reading. 3. Annotate the text. 4. Reflect on the information. 5. Present the information. What did I learn?
What don't I understand?
What questions do I have after reading?
Did the author's ideas make sense?
Was the author effective? Graphic Organizer One-Pager Poem Illustrations Discussions Summary Essay
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