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Future Technology


Khalid omar

on 14 October 2012

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Transcript of Future Technology

Future Technology Transport Homes Phones Weapons Potential future transport technologies include new energy sources and materials, which are being developed in order to make automobiles more sustainable, safer, more energy efficient, or less polluting. transport are being developed in many different ways. With rising gas prices, the future of cars is leaning towards fuel efficiency, energy savers, hybrid vehicles, battery electric vehicle and the fuel cell vehicle and kerosene and other fuelled vehicle. Solar Gem futuristic Luxury Yacht The Solar Gem eco-superyacht concept is a 68.9 meter long yacht that totally hearts the environment. Designer Dennis Ingemansson’s concept is a yacht built mainly from aluminum because the said element is light, and lends itself to recycling quite easily.The Solar Gem will be brimming with luxury at its interiors, the luxurious owner’s suite and the two VIP suites each get their own Jacuzzi, while the yacht has enough room to house another 10 guests in luxury. The yacht includes an EC 135 helicopter, another concept in Ingemansson’s electric “Dubai Sea Limousine,” and four jetskis.
the designer sees the yacht getting power from a hybrid wind-solar electric system and capable of attaining speeds up to 22 knots.
it is enough to carry the smallest island in the world !! When is it coming out? 2056 The Urban Vehicle Concept The simple, yet stylish car is powered by four independent electromagnetic wheels, which allows the car to do without a conventional powertrain.The wheels of this zero-emission car are made up of two sliding rings, one of which is the electromagnet and the other is a permanent one. The electromagnet gets powered by the lithium-ion batteries installed on the vehicle’s chassis and gets the same polarity as the permanent magnet. This creates a repulsive force between the rings which is then converted into motion When is it Coming Out? 2020 The Cherry Concept The Cherry Concept runs on Zero emmission Electric Motor. Like its name, Cherry, the concept is compact and portable. Hundreds of concept designs have flooded the market with foldable and compact features. However, the possibility of touching real roads seems very hard for most of them. Cherry is also foldable and eco-friendly as well. Powered by a zero emission electric motor with a plug-in battery, it might become the next-gen transportation medium. The battery is integrated with a padded seat that keeps it hidden. The direction controller is similar to that of a motorcycle and can be controlled by leaning. When is it Coming Out? 2030 The Vesna The innovative single seater VESNA electric car concept features a unique body of natural one-piece resin composite with integrated wiring, which not only makes it extraordinary from the construction perspective, but also gives a brilliant outlook. Thus, different materials can be used of different colors to make the body or arranging different ways of wiring to give it a more natural effect. The vesna is not under construction and will soon enter the streets of london in 2134, and is capable of speeds upto 78mph Mobile phones are getting more and more sophisticated. Thus, development on mobile phones is just like the computers. The technology is growing everyday. Different functions and usage on mobile phones are created and updated. From the network system from mobile phones, it is still developing. The Benq Siemen Niche Phone These concept phones by Asus have been designed with lots of innovative features to dominate the headlines over the near future era. These next generation gadgets can attain the attention of all range of users with their unique shape and functional qualities. The Waveface watchphone with its bendable feature can stick on the wrist of the users to offer convenient access to their important documents. The Waveface Light is another innovative laptop concept with flexible display that can be flattened to use it a tablet on the desk or as a usual laptop. Finally, the Waveface Casa is a complete home entertainment phone that can be hooked up on the wall to watch movies with great comfort The Leaf Phone Inspired by photosynthesis, the Leaf is a wearable bracelet phone that incorporates solar cells on its front panel for juicing it up. If that’s not good enough, the cradle into which it docks also hosts the cells on the back. Alternatively, on a dark dingy day you can use the trusty electricity to recharge the phone. A pretty basic phone with calls and messages functions only, it’s main objective is to “remind people that they can contribute to energy efficiency Weapons under research or planned for development and use in the future. To be classified as a future weapon, a weapon must be the subject of actual research by military or industrial entities, or be considered a viable technology to be used as an armament. The High C130 Energy laser oeing completed the laser installation at trhe kirkland base in New Zealand. they had fitted the boeing 345N with high tech laser which will aim at targets 23 kilometres away. its laser is strong enough to penetrate the earth till the centre core. it bieng a bad aspect , boeing had announced that it will continue to work upon that defect and but it into action later in When is it coming out? 2019 The f-2061 Assault Rifle The F2000 rifle is a gas operated, rotating bolt, selective-fire weapon, featuring a polymer stock with a bull-pup layout. it utilllizes 700 mini bullets in its hardrive system and its capable of reusing the same bullets again. its effectivly eco friendly weapon. When is it coming out? 2016 The Scimitar Assault Rifle. An elite military shotgun capable of rapid fire, this weapon is deadly at short range but ineffective at long range. It is effective against shields and biotic barriers but weak against armor.

Manufactured by Ariake Technologies, the Scimitar features twin mass effect generators, giving it a more rapid rate of fire than a traditional shotgun. This weapon was created for the Eclipse mercenary band, but it is rapidly becoming popular with Blood Pack mercenaries as well. What can it do? . It can tell whether a close range enemy is near by vibrating and giving a warning sign.
. This will be useful in deep forest where enemies are hidden.
. It is capable of shooting much futher distance than a normal assault gun.
. By putting it in a Headshot Mode, it is impossible for an enemy to escape in a marshy terrain. In this situation, It can shoot a person in the head 5 miles away. When is it coming out? 2040 Hydropolis Home. The home of the future, similarly to the office of the future, is a concept that has been popular to explore since the early 20th century, or perhaps earlier. There have been many exhibits, such as at World's Fairs and theme parks, purporting to show how future homes will look and work, as well as standalone model "homes of the future" sponsored by builders, developers, or technology companies. After a few years, each successive version of such an exhibit will start to look dated and old-fashioned, with some of its "futuristic" things becoming commonplace and others never catching on at all. When is it going to released? 2146 when is it coming out? 2134 Future homes has also been the case when
it comes down to beauty. Future Homes has been
developed to meet the the interest of people. In 2040 , there will
be approximately 23,000 new future houses going to be built
including 20,000 hotels. The Waterville Aquatic Centre. As far as water homes go, Watervilla Kortenhoef, is definitely a cool modern design. It will be located in The Netherlands, this unique home design is modern aquatic architecture at its best, boasting all the features, finishes and comforts of a conventional house, with water beneath it and surrounding it in every direction. Designed by Waterstudio.NL, this unusual home features a low profile against the water’s surface. And because the ground is floor virtually level with the water, this allows for an even stronger connection to the water. The main level is enclosed in floor-to-ceiling glass walls for endless views of sun and surf. Beneath the main level of this innovative architecture is a storey housing the bedrooms and bath, while above it, a large rooftop terrace is the perfect spot for take in the colorful sunset. This glass aquatic home floods interiors with natural light – even the sub-grade living areas. For more info check out Netherlands Architects When will it be released? 2071 When are they all coming out? Between 2015 and 2020 Thats all Hope hope you enjoyed
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