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Good Health Herbs

No description

Debra Orton

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Good Health Herbs

Garlic Allium sativum L. by Master Herbalist Debra Orton Dandelion Taraxacim officinalis Echinacea Echinacea purpurea Recipe for Garlic Oil Four Herbs
for your Good Health The End ::::::::::: ::::::::::: Medicinal uses diuretic without stripping potassium
cleanses the blood
stimulates the liver Goldenseal Root Hydrastis canadensis L. Medicinal Uses Herbal penicillin
Indirect anti-viral activity
Reduces symtoms of common cold
Antifungal properties Medicinal Uses Drying for respiratory catarrh
Effective antiseptic/antibiotic
Stomach and liver tonic
Used for eye inflamation Medical Uses Prevents build-up of cholesterol
Lowers high/raises low blood pressure
Clears fat accumulation in arteries
Reduces levels of sugar in blood Ingredients 54 55 Preparation 8 oz. garlic, peeled and minced Warm olive oil, sufficient amount to cover garlic. Warm oil in double boiler; Place garlic in large jar; Add oil to cover; Shake and keep in a warm place two or three days; strain through muslim and refridgerate; use 10 drops 3x per day for earache or athlete's foot. " " indubitably :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I became a herbalist in Portland, Oregon, where I attended school at Australasian College of Health Sciences. Here I am with my Grandson, Connor, on a trip somewhere in the high country out west. See the video below: "How to add YouTube videos to Prezi"
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