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Free Agents:

No description

Lauren Hunter

on 14 November 2016

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Transcript of Free Agents:

Unleashing Public Sector Innovation Talent
One Possible Talent Future
Free Agents Pilot
What's the future of talent for the Public Service?
(Do we need a new paradigm for a digital age?)
Deloitte's Govcloud Model
Theory Paper from 2012
Can we find a way to get Deloitte's Govcloud model to work?
Can we do it without breaking rules, souls, budgets and public trust?
Can we test it in a way that lets us undo it/change it if it doesn't work?
Free Agents Pilot
With the highest value proposition:
Skills in demand
Unmet need
Under-utilized talent
Forward thinking about what skills we will need tomorrow
Solution: Find, mobilize, and unleash Public Service "innovators"
A Place to Start
Things to take note of on the journey so far...
How the Pilot Works:
Identify 15 innovators with awesome skills
Offer them permanent positions with NRCan's IN.spire Innovation Hub
Create an Innovators Marketplace where innovators and managers can find each other
Let the innovators go where they want to work
Track EVERYTHING. Learn. Iterate. Gain insights that help us build new adjacent possibilities for the future.
Next Steps for Free Agents
Beyond Free Agents:
Adjacent Possibilities and Considerations
To find people who can think outside the box, you have to let them show they can think outside the box.
Hint: If you ask ticky-box questions you will select people who are good at ticking boxes.
Selection Process
Who Applied?
Not everyone will be a good fit for this.
Who Applied?
23 different departments
5 regions
Bottom line:
Innovators are everywhere.
Survey is like a receiving station picking up a weak signal from a very specific location.
Selection Process
Innovators Marketplace
Finding answers to key research questions, with the intention of making data-driven recommendations for new talent models.
Open Badges
Portable, verifiable digital micro-credentials
New ways of mapping and tracking skills and talent
A new kind of talent marketplace needs a new kind of currency.
Sharing Results
Is a GC Cloud model viable? Advantageous?
What skills are in demand?
Can the free flow of talent help us recruit and retain top innovators?
How can we promote cross-sector talent exchange?
Talent Suite
Weak Signals
What We Heard
IN.spire Innovation Hub

Natural Resources Canada
Public Service HR 2016 February 23, 2016

Applicants feel:
My skills are under-utilized
I am under-promoted
I find the culture frustrating
I am looking for more learning opportunities
13 different job classifications
1-25+ years of PS experience
More than 50% thinking of leaving...
Of this group, 90% actively taking steps to put this in motion.
Bottom line:
Interesting findings, but sample size too small to be conclusive.
Results from the application survey
In my job, I'm encouraged to innovate:
Results are mixed.
60% of applicants have been acting above their substantive ... 26% for more than a year
Acting Above Level
Acting + innovating doesn't equal promotion
We looked at application and promotion rates...
Less than 3% felt PS competitive processes regularly allowed them to demonstrate their innovation skills.
Applicants felt that being creative and innovative has actually
their chances for
career advancement
18% occasionally
41% frequently or very frequently
So What?
The following are NOT significant factors:
Looking for more pay
Looking for more benefits
Looking for different colleagues
Putting in uncompensated overtime*
*56% reported frequently putting in personal time to help their department meet its innovation agenda; 28% occasionally
2 minute reference check
Testing new approach to candidate screening
April Start Date
Innovation Architects Hiring Pool
Up Next?
How can we help unleash talent in the Public Service?
Building on a great foundation for innovation...
Permanent Jobs
Project-Based Work
Term/Temp Help
PS HR Frame built for:
Digital Age seeing a rise in:
(20+ years)
(1-3 years)
Building Govcloud - where do we start?
Self-Assessment Survey
Screening Applicants
Lots of anecdotal evidence about the challenges around being an "innovator" in the Public Service... not a lot of data.
Free Agents
Innovators Marketplace
Open Badges
Innovation Architects
available on an
tracked through
Good problem to have: untapped talent that wants to do more
open competition
multiple classifications and levels
NEW classified positions
Working to codify and scale new types of competencies and jobs across the PS
Creating an open, dynamic flow of talent fueling PS innovation...
GC Cloud
IN.spire's design process:
All possible
within our existing HR framework...
Do we have all the "sizes" we need?
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