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Improving the school

Head Girl Presentation

Amy Kibblewhite

on 17 July 2013

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Transcript of Improving the school

Idea 1
Idea 2
Idea 3
If I became Head Girl then I’d would put all my effort into making the school a better place and improving both student's days at school and at home! Whether that meant organising small events such as interform competitions to improve school life or thinking of ideas which could help everyone enjoy and get the most out of Roding Valley.

Step 1
When brainstorming ideas of how I could improve the school, I thought of what certain years are going through and ways in which I could help them though the school year. For example, making the year 7's feel welcome, comfortable and pleased with their choice to attend Roding Valley or ways to help year 9 choose their options. However, it was when I thought of year 9, that I came up with an idea...
I think that at a suitable time in the year, year 9 should have a taster day where they can learn about new subjects. Teachers could choose whether to give a taster lesson or just a talk on what the subject is about and what jobs it could possibly lead to. Students currently taking these subjects for GCSE could also help out with these days and talk to the years 9's about their experiences.
Step 3
Step 4
So thank you for listening and I hope that some of my ideas were at least worth listening to. I feel that my due to my experience in a range of departments, I will be able to help improve the school and I would be honoured to even be considered for the role of Head Girl.

Thank you.
How I can improve the school...
I’d like to help out in all areas of the school and one thing that I’d like to do in particular, would be fundraising. However, to get the whole school involved, I thought of an idea...
This is, that in order to maximise the final profit we'd have a competition as to which department could raise the most money.
Students would either choose or be allocated a subject and then have to come out with different ideas to raise money. Each department would have plenty of time to plan and then a certain amount of days to raise as much money possible.
what are all these new subjects??
i really don't know what options to pick!
Year 9 is the year in which you have to make one of your first big decisions that could affect your future - choosing options!!and when you get the letter about the subjects, it starts to get serious.
Therefore, we should think of ways to make this process easierin order to help students feel confident with their decision.
When choosing my options, there were some subjects that I'd never even heard of and didn't know what they were about.
Everyone gets excited for Sports Day. It's a day off timetable, a day (usually) in the sun and a day to get everyone involved and working as a team.

However, this is the only large sports event the school hosts, so I thought that throughout the year, we could hold small inter-form competitions as kind of a warm up for Sports Day. But don't worry! This doesn't involve taking days off timetable! Last week, a few PE students, including myself, organized a year 8 inter-form competition held at lunch times.

It proved to be very popular as even the girls and boys who didn't want to play, were cheering their forms on. Therefore, everyone was involved and it brought the whole form together.

With events like 5-a-side football, rounders and Girls vs Boys netball, there are roles such as taking photos, refereeing, setting up the games and managing which means that everyone can take part even if they're not too keen on the current sport. Students will be keeping fit and having fun as well as developing team working and organisation skills.
Some quick ideas!
A study period?
Everyone has those days where you really don't have time to do your homework but then there are others who just never do it. However, this could be because there is no one to help them at home? What if students like this could have a 'buddy' in a higher year who could go over homework with them in the school day. Another idea, would be to incorporate a study period into the timetable.
Although there is now a construction course available for boys who do not enjoy or attend school as much as other students, there is nothing for girls. Therefore, for the students who aren't as academically strong , Roding Valley could offer something like a beauty course. This way, when they leave the school they will have achieved a qualification that can help them if beauty is the career they wish to pursue.
Beauty Course
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