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Bullying Notes

No description

Kristin Wessman

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Bullying Notes

*friends (equals)
*Laughing from both
*roles will switch
*not friends (unequals)
*laughing from 1
*roles stay the same
*Cyberbullying- anonymous
or identified bullying which uses
technology- phone, computer, etc.
*not friends (unequals)
*not laughing
*roles stay same
*repeated, escalated,
punishable by law
posting or spreading false information
that causes harm to repuation
Identity Theft
pretending to be someone else-
either the victim or an innocent
sharing embarrassing images without
pressuring others to "defriend" victim
Effects of Being Bullied:
1. Lower Self-Esteem
2. Depression or anxiety
3. Absenteeism or Lower Grades
4. Suicidal Thoughts
5. Suicidal Attempts
Effects of Being a Bully
1. More likely to get in fights
2. More likely to steal/ vandalize
3. More likely to drink/smoke
4. More likely to have lower grades
5. Four times more likely to get arrested by 24
1. A BULLY may be accused of DEFAMATION. This is when the bully spreads RUMORS about the target. DEFAMATION that is spoken is known as SLANDER (less serious because it is TEMPORARY) and DEFAMATION that is written is known as LIBEL (more serious because it is PERMANENT.)
2. To be considered CRIMINAL, a statement must:
a. do HARM to someone's reputation
b. have a CLEAR target
c. BE WITNESSED by others.
3. If a libel lawsuit is successful, the bully will have to PAY MONEY.
4. A person accused of libel may DEFEND himself by saying that the statement was TRUE, that it was a JOURNALISTC CRITICISM not a PERSONAL ATTACK, or that he INNOCENTLY REPRODUCED it.
5. A SCHOOL that does not do everything in its power to provide a SAFE ENVIRONMENT for all students can be SUED.
6. Harrassment is a more serious THREAT. This is punishable by up to TEN YEARS in prison.
7. DEFAMATORY LIBEL is also a criminal charge. This is when statements are written against a person IN AUTHORITY intended to ruin his REPUTATION.
Positive Roles for Bystanders
Low Risk/Low Courage High Risk/ High Courage

Don’t Choose Support Alert Talk to Support Confront
Support not to the target an the Bully the target the
the repeat in Adult in in front Bully
Bully the Gossip private ( text) private of the Bully
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