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Lucy Hale

No description

Danielle Hanna

on 15 February 2016

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Transcript of Lucy Hale

• June 14, 1989 in Memphis Tenesee.
11 songs + 8 bonus songs
Acting career
knowing "it's okay not to be okay." It's a redemptive ballad that shows Hale hasn't become out of touch
Lucy Hale
• Karen Lucille Hale
• June 14, 1989 in Memphis Tennessee
• The youngest of her three siblings, Maggie, and step-brother, Wes.
• 25 years old
About her
Young singing Career
• singing along with her favorite Disney princess in her bedroom, and later, along with her favorite country queens, Martina McBride and Shania Twain.
The road between
•You Sound Good To Me
• From The Backseat
• Nervous Girls
• Red Dress
• Goodbye Gone
• Kiss Me

• Road Between
• Lie A Little Better
• That’s What I Call Crazy
• Love Tonight
• Just Another Song
you sound good to me
By lucy hale
•When she was 13 she won a Fox singing competition show.
• Lucy moved to Los Angeles for her singing career.
• It was released June 3rd 2014
• It took 2.5 years to make.
bonus tracks
•My Little Black Wedding Dress
• Feels Like Home
• Loved
• Kiss Me ( Live Acoustic)
• Road Between (Live Acoustic)
• Runaway Circus
• Those Three Words
• Come On
• country music was part of her life growing up.
Dixie chicks
Shania twain
• June 12, 2012, she designed a record deal with Hollywood Records.
• Recording was set to begin later in 2012 with a single and a country album due in 2013.
• The released was pushed to 2014
• along with being a singer, Lucy is also a actor.
• She has played characters in 11 different films.
staring lucy hale
• "My influences are the Dixie Chicks and Shania Twain. "
• grew up I listened to the Come On Over album.
"I remember how fun it was and how happy it made me feel when I listened to it. "
• Drake and Josh
• The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2

• Fear Island
• Sorority Wars
• A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song
• Secret of the Wings
• Pretty Little Liars
• Scream 4
• Wizards of Waverly Place
• Show Stopper
• Bionic Woman
Why lucy
• Pretty Little Liars
• Her music
• Wanted to know more
(In songs)
Nervous Girls
Nervous Girls
Hale likes to focus on relationship perils, and "Kiss Me" features on of her best lines, as she confesses "Don't you know I want you with me and it ain't just cause I'm tipsy."
Kiss Me
Kiss Me
You Sound Good to Me
We learn that the object of this song was to teach her audience about her.
Her goal
To show people who she really is.
By Danielle Hanna

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