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Intercultural Communication

Nicholas Roberts

on 19 July 2010

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Transcript of Thailand

Thailand Cultural Values Cultural Rules For Your Information! Population: 67.0 million Area: 198,114 sq. mi.
about the size of France Capital: Bangkok (population 9,668,854) Other Cities
Nakhon Ratchasima and Chiang Mai Ethnic Groups
Thai 89%
Other 11%.
Buddhist 93-94%
Muslim 5-6%
Christian 1%
Hindu, Brahmin Languages
Thai (official language, many dialects)
English Education
94.9% male
90.5% female Governemt
Constitutional monarchy Hostile Political Climate Started between the PPP and the PAD Started in 2008 Orgins Current Status Let us learn! Informant!
Gee Ekachai
ADPR Professor at MU
emphasize social harmony soft, caring, and polite interpersonal presentation Interactions between children and elders use of silence distinct social hierarchy 9 Value Clusters Ego Orientation
Grateful Relationship Orientation
Smooth Interpersonal Relationship Orientation
Flexibility and Adjustment Orientation
Religio-Psychical Orientation
Education and Competence Orientation
Interdependence Orientation
Fun-Pleasure Orientation
Achievement-Task Orientation

Hierarchical Relationships Greetings Non-Verbal Communication The End
The Region
Southeast Asia crossroads between two major Asian civilizations Conflict
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