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Cyber Bullying Survival Guide

No description

Katie Pettine

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Cyber Bullying Survival Guide

Internet Safety
How do you avoid cyberbullying?
Social Media Safety
Don't share your full name with strangers
Try not to have over 3 social media sites
Don't follow random people that you don't know
Don't post nude pictures
Cyber Bullying Affects
We will be showing you effects of online bullying, how to protect yourself and what social media does and can cause.
So press next if you want to learn and see of this.
3 things you should remember out of this whole prezi are...
Never be a cyber-bully
Don't EVER respond to a bully
Only have up to 3 social networks

How you avoid cyber bullying..
Stay safe on the Internet
Don't respond to a bully
Make sure you don't post hate or any mean comments

Watch This!!!
Social Media
Social Networking
Always stay safe online
Before making a social network, MAKE SURE you ask a parent
Post appropriate things
On a social network, only communicate with people you know
Don't hate on people photos or comment something mean
How to stay
private online
Try to make your account private so strangers can't see it
Don't share your personal information with people you don't know
Block anyone who harasses you online
Only follow people you know
Post appropriate pictures
Peer interactions for Cyber Bullying
Peer Interaction
Peer Interaction is way of bullying on online.
When people use interaction they can give information to random people that they think they can trust.
If you give out too much information then the person may find you or get information.
Accounts can be hacked and people could use it to say bad things.
Some networks like Facebook, Instagram and other networks.
Privacy On Email
Staying safe online is very important because if you give out too much information to strangers, your identity can be stolen, or you could be kidnapped.
Peer Interaction
Though social online interaction you can talk to anyone.
many people use this for information
Bullies and talk to people and find out information and hurt people really bad.
Cyber bullies use peer interaction to make the victims feel bad or even make them kill themselves.
Many people on the chats with others don't do anything about the bullying- they are the bystanders.
Spam is electronic junk mail that people send to random users.
Spam can be tricks, chain mail, or even cruel messages.
To stop spam mail, you report the messages and block the user.
If it doesn't stop, you should tell an adult
To concluded cyberbullying is a very serious matter.
Remember that words can hurt you.
Also you are never alone.
someone is being bullied every 7 seconds.
Does This Change Your Part Of View?
How much can strangers find out about YOU in six clicks?
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