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Advertising Vocab

No description

Jack Standish

on 28 March 2018

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Transcript of Advertising Vocab

Advertising Campaign
Banner Ad
Promotional message that appears on the top side of a website, internet ads, pop-ups, buttons, flashers and product websites.
A series of related ads with a similar theme and message. Appearing in a variety of media over a set period of time.
Advertising Vocab
Large outdoor advertising sign placed along highways or buildings.
Extended T.V. video or radio ad, usually include demonstrations, testimonials or other detailed products.
The commercial process of promoting selling or distributing a product or service, involves packaging, price, promotions, advertising and distribution.
Print Ad
Promotion in a magazine or newspaper, feature graphics, images, illustrations, graphic design, and text to convey clear message and appeal to customers.
Political Ad
Message promoting a candidate or campaign broadcast or radio or T.V. or printed. May require much of candidates campaign funds. Positive self promotion and negative attack strategies.
Public Service Announcement(PSA)
Message in magazine on billboards, or radio or T.V. promoting an idea for public benefit may encourage fitness and health or increase awareness of services, government or non profit groups.
Target Audience
Specific group a sponsor hopes to persuade. Whose members characteristics such as age, gender, background, values, or buying habits.
T.V. Commercial
Ad broadcast on television employs an array of techniques such as special effects, music, dazzling visuals, and creative scripts, to create a memorable message.
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