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Powerade Vs. Powerade Zero

No description

on 15 June 2016

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Transcript of Powerade Vs. Powerade Zero

Powerade vs. Powerade Zero
Powerade Vs. Powerade Zero
Of two of the most influential sports energy drinks on earth, which proves to be the most beneficial?
What's the size? What's the flavor?
For our research, we decided to use the grape, 32 fluid ounce selection from both Powerade and Powerade zero in order to keep a constant comparison.
How will we decide the champion?
The two different sports energy drinks will be compared in 3 rounds of competition:
Which drink contains the most beneficial ingredients for athletes?
Which drink is the least fattening?
The last round will be up to you.

Let the games begin!

Round 1: Powerade, what's inside?
As expected, the primary ingredient is water, but the 2nd most used ingredient may surprise you. High Fructose Corn syrup is the second most prevalent ingredient. Instead of using only the most frequently found glucose, Powerade uses fructose as well. The two different types of simple sugars do not have much of a difference, however fructose has been scrutinized as some reports say it increases weight gain. Another surprise in Powerade is that after the ingredients of water and high fructose corn syrup, the rest of the ingredients are less than .5% of the total drink. Obviously, Powerade made the decision to go all out for energy, which it definitely did as it loads 32 oz of drink with 56 total grams of sugar.
Round 1: Powerade zero, what's inside?
Partnering with having very few real sugars, Powerade zero loads athletes with a slew of electrolytes, most often including Magnesium and Calcium. Multiple health benefits of magnesium and calcium include transmission of nerve impulses, body temperature regulation, detoxification, and energy production. Also, Powerade zero carries a significant amount of Monopotassium Phosphate, known for its ability to improve blood flow. Powerade zero is most definitely focused on creating a healthier option.
Some background on Powerade.
Roughly 10,352,265 bottles of Powerade are purchased and consumed every single year.
Powerade endorses some of the highest caliber athletes in the world. (ie. Venus Williams, Ryan Howard, Chris Johnson, Chris Paul and Derrick Rose)
First Round Winner?
The winner of the first round goes to Powerade!
It was very close as powerade zero seems to definitely be the healthier choice with less sugars and more ingredients that benefit the body functions. However, after researching the biggest want of athletes drinking sports drinks, we discovered that almost all athletes highest desire is energy. With only a small amount of artificial sugars, it is difficult for Powerade Zero to have a great opportunity to win Round 1. Powerades overpowering amount of sugar allows it to steal a Round 1 Victory!
Powerade Zero
Nutrition Facts
Differences: Calories and Sugar
Round 2: Powerade, weight reveal
Powerade gets off to quite a slow start as it has quite a bit of sugar which is not exactly what you want to hear if you do not want to gain fatty weight. However, give Powerade a chance, they make up for their high sugar levels with a slew of different vitamins and healthy ingredients. A huge help is vitamin B3 which is able to help speed up the effects of the metabolism on sugars and fats alike. Even though there is much more sugar than there is vitamins, the regular Powerade is more fattening.
Round 2: Powerade Zero, weight reveal
Powerade Zero is almost exactly the same as regular Powerade. The only difference is the use of sucralose, which is an artificial sweetener. Although artificial sweeteners may sound like a good thing, they are not. They are a great way to lower the amount of sugar intake, but in the long run it will cause for weight gain. Artificial sweeteners confuse the body into thinking it is taking in sugar. However, with much more of a supporting role from Calcium, Magnesium, and Mono-potassium Phosphate, Powerade Zero puts more effort into using energy sources other than sugar.
The only sports drink who sells more bottles per year is Gatorade
Round 2 Winner:
The Round 2 winner is Powerade Zero! Even with the knowledge that artificial sugars may not be the best source of energy and can have the effect of weight gain, at least Powerade Zero puts in the effort to increase blood flow and ease detoxification. Not to mention that Powerade just has way too many sugars to be awarded less fattening than Powerade Zero who has absolutely no real sugars.
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