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No description

Travis Roetcisoender

on 12 April 2010

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Transcript of Motherboards

Motherboards RAM Processor CPU Fan PCI-E
PCI Sata IDE Power PS/2 VGA USB Parallel Port Ethernet Audio in/out Placement for extra cards to customize your pc (ex. sound cards, extra usb, modem) Allows for faster data transfer compared to ide.

Connects hard drive and optical drives to Host Bus adapters on motherboard Connects to host bus adapters on motherboard

Slower data transfer compared to SATA Gives power to motherboard and mass storage devices (hard drive, optical drive, floppy) Random Access Memory

Temp stores memory for faster speed Allows for faster processing of all information Keeps the processor from overheating Allows for extra cards to customize your PC with faster soeeds tha PCI(eg. video cards) Allows you to connect a mouse and keyboard Onboard video Allows to connect extra devices Allows the connection on speakers or mics Allows you to connet to high speed internet Allows for the connection of devices before USB South Bridge Controls the slower capabilities North Bridge Controls the faster components of the motherboard like RAM and BIOS
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