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Who am i Presentation

No description

loren Arch

on 13 October 2014

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Transcript of Who am i Presentation

Who am i?
Career Goals
My journey so far..
Keeping Fit
My Hobbies
Current Work Role
-Experience in different areas of the business to enable me to have a range of strong skills
Why I chose Vauxhall?
1. Its a well established brand
2. The opportunity to work in all areas of the business
3. To be able to gain work experience along with qualifications
Going to the theatre and concerts
Previous Education: Manshead Upper School & Bedford College
- A Level's in:Business, Law, Finance and Economics
- NVQ and Certificate in Business and Admin
Current Education: Bedford College
- Business HNC

Favourite module
Modules that I am studying:
- Business Environment
- Marketing Principles

Previous Modules:
- Culture of an Organisation
- Finance; managing financial resources
Digital Marketing Apprentice
- Maintaining the Vauxhall website with up to date information
- Reflecting product changes on the website
- Support system for Retailers with LeadIT issues
- Competitor analysis - both mobile and Desktop

- Revamping the ADAM section on the website
- Improving the LeadIT website and hand book for Retailers

Key Learning's
- Problem solving
- Data analysis
- Understanding issues from a Retailer prospective
- Time management
- Project management
- Attention to detail
Learning other department members job roles and understanding how they can benefit and develop your skills further
Expectations met?
How to use my time effectively to make sure all tasks are completed - Particularly important as there are 2 sides to my role
- Manage others and see them grow like I have through the apprenticeship
Winning the FA Half time challenge
I came 6th in England for the under 13 pair gymnastics
Going to live shows
Thank you for listening!
- Have a diverse skill set

Does anyone have any questions?

Whilst being at Vauxhall..
Previous Role:
- Launching a new DFS product which potentially sales revenue for Vauxhall of £500k
- Creating a report for all field team members, detailing retailers purchases
- ADAM accessory brochure
- Invoices
- Marketing Principles

Previous Role:
- Supplier meetings and visits
- Retailer visits
- Presenting at PPRC
- ADAM accessory brochure
- Accessory product catalogue
- Invoices
- Daily and monthly reports
- Assisted the events team

Apprenticeship Related:
- FA Challenge - Stem Ambassador
- Griffin's Den - Career fairs
Current role:
- ADAM Black and white
- Agency meetings
- Meeting with Google and YouTube
- Press releases
- Error pages
- Keeping in line the homepage banners and TV Adverts
- Competitor analysis
-Revamp of ADAM section

- Maintaining the LeadIT inbox
- LeadIT reports
- Ad hoc LeadIT Reports

- To have a career within Marketing
Product Knowledge
- Mokka
- Antara
- Zafira
- Zafira Tourer
- Insignia
Exposure to Agencies
- Meetings with Google
- Presenting ideas at MRM
- Working closing with different agencies
- The chance to brief in your ideas and see them on the wesbite
Developing data analysis skills
- Further develop my excel skills, creating reports
- Understanding the data and what it means to the department and what effect it has
- Looking at competitor websites
- Developing my problem solving skills
Training for the half marathon in June
- Developing working relationships both internally and externally with Retailer and Agencies

- Gaining a better understanding of the Digital area
Gaining a place on the Vauxhall Apprenticeship
Completing my A levels

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