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Trung Sisters

historical leader project

Ana Hernandez

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Trung Sisters

AD My sister and I were born
in Northern Vietnam. Trung
Trac, me, being the oldest 39
AD 43
AD 40
AD We assembled
a large army made up
of men and mostly
women including a
pregnant woman
who was a general. We stood
with our
army ready in full military regalia to fight the Chinese
and regained control of over 65 citadels
in Vietnam In the threat of the chinese
coming and overpowering us, we went to the Hat River (Hat Giang) and drowned themselves
to preserve our honor rather
than to surrender to the chinese. Timeline The Trung Sisters 12 AD - 40 AD “All the male heroes bowed their heads in submission; Only the two sisters proudly stood up to avenge the country.” - 15th century poem Chinese History According to chinese history
my sister and I were executed Vietnamese History My sister and Ihelped Vietnam gain independence against Chinese rule. The Chinese wanted to raise taxes and control. As for us, To Dihn, Chinese emperor, had captured and executed my husband, Thi Sach. This has caused me and my sister Nhi to raise our flag of rebellion. The Vietnamese people have honored us with temples and annual celebrations to both my sister and I who acted as iconic heroic figures in Vietnamese history and also acting as one (or two) of strong female leaders in history 10th century Trung Sisters Temple According to "legend"
(completely true *cough*) my sister and I
killed and skinned a man eating tiger and
then proceeded to write our proclamations
on the tiger's skin as an act of bravery Tôn trọng, Quy tắc và đứng tự hào!
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