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southern colonies

No description

Gregoryy Johnson

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of southern colonies

Economy The southern colonies was started by
Great Britain w ho was the ruler of england History Geography Government The southern colonies had their own government. The colonists had meetings when they wanted to talk about issues, interests, or laws. The laws had to be approved by the advisory council and their governer. King James II wanted to gain more power over the colonies' government, but he was then replaced and Parliament passed a law to avoid this issue again. The Southern Colonies economy depended on many things for it to be a good economy. The Southern Colonies economy was mostly agricultural because if the crops did well, then so did the economy. Also, because of agriculture being mostly the major source of the economy, there were a lot of farms and plantations. by Antwan and Gregory Southern Colonies Virginia,
and Georgia The Southern Colonies were started to expand trade and farming and to profit from land sales. The Southern Colonies had a pretty warm climate and they mostly grew crops on their land.
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