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No description

Kria Coleman

on 8 August 2014

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Transcript of Superannuation

What is superannuation
Compulsory saving for retirement
You and your employer contribute to a Super fund of your choice
The types of tax concessional contributions that can be made to a super fund include:
compulsory employer contributions or superannuation guarantee which is currently 9.25% of your earnings
salary sacrifice contributions (additional payments)
personal deductible contributions where a tax deduction is claimed, such as for the self-employed.

When can you use your Super?
Your super money is invested by your super fund so it grows over time.
When you retire, you will have money to live off - a nest egg. Super is a lifetime investment that has many benefits.
If you retire and have reached your preservation age (i.e. 55 to 60), you can withdraw your super. There are three ways you can get your super:

As a lump sum
As a retirement income stream (e.g. a monthly payment)
A combination of both

Your Cast

is superannuation?

is superannuation needed?

is superannuation accessible?
For each cast member:
will superannuation impact each of your cast members?
is their current Super contribution?
much money will they have at retirement (estimate)?
Have a look at the
Money Smart
iConnect -
Phase handout
Super Calculator


Some of the issues:
too many baby boomers
cost of living
the pension is not a livable amount
managing your superannuation can be complicated
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