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syria has shitty neigbors

No description

Bilal Salaad

on 19 January 2017

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Transcript of syria has shitty neigbors

History of Modern Israel 1949-1967
Current Events: possible follow up
( Israeli point of View)
Roots of the Problem
For about 3,000 years Arabs have called this place their home.
In 1948 arabs were wrongly kicked out of their ancestral home by. people who haven't been their for thousands of years.
Arabs are treated as second class citizens in their own part of Jeurusalem.
The Arabs also consider this a holy land.
The Arabs were not allowed to be employed in Jewish owned industries and farms.
History of Modern Israel:
Egypt's war of Atrittion is fought
Israel Becomes a trading member of the European Trade Market
Israel starts to trade heavily with the U.S.A
Early peace agreements are signed with Egypt , Jordan , and Lebanon .
Jerusalem divided under Israeli and Jordanian rule.
Israel's first parliament is elected.
Israel Admitted to United Nations as 59th member.
Israel spies destroyed an Iraqi nuclear base that was making Nuclear weapons
1949 - 1952
Sinai Campaign is started against Egypt
Egypt frees the Sinai from French Stock holders
The six day war is fought between Israel and Egypt, Israel is heavily armed with American weapons
Golan Heights, Sinai Peninsula, and Jeurusalem are taken
History of Modern Israel
1967- 1981
Yom Kippur War is fought between Jordan, Syria, Egypt, and Israel in the Jewish holy month Yom Kippur to regain lost land
Eypyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menacham begin peace talks
Sadat and Menacham recieve Noble Peace Prizes
Important Person:
Ariel Sharon

Ariel Sharon is a Israeli Politician promoting peace between Israel and Palestine.
Ariel is a big help because he is also a general and served as the 11th Prime Minister just several years ago in 2001
Ariel was a commander in the Israeli army from its creation in 1948.
Ariel Believes that instead of kicking people out Israel and Palestine could make a lasting peace agreement.

Roots of problem
John Kerry the current U.S Secretary of State is attempting to make a lasting peace between Israel and the bordering Arab states.

In 2016 Israel and the Arab states will hopefully find a suitable arrangement that both sides can agree on so peace will return to all the nation's homelands
Secretery John Kerry
Important person: Anwar
Ibn Sadat
1986- 1995
Israel and Egypt resume peace talks due to American President Reagan talking to Israel
1995- 2009
Peace talks stop and hostility is resumed
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu disagrees with peace talks being resumed and disagrees with Iran's Nuclear Program
Israel was created in the year 1948 due to the extreme segregation of Jews in the continent of Europe.
Britain sympathized with the Jews and gave them homes in the currently arab land of Palestine in the British Territory.
The Jews were glad after 3,000 years to rule their newly proclaimed holy land .
The Jewish claim is that this land was promised only to the descendants of Abraham's younger son, Ishaq.
The Jews thought of Israel as their holy land.
(Arab point of view)
( Egypt/Arab)
Anwar has been the President of Egypt from the year 1970 to 1978
Anwar is the man arab leader to call for peace between Israel and the Arab countries
Anwar was very different than much better liked Former President Nasser and his idea of never compromising
Anwar reicieved the Noble Peace Prize before being assasinated in the year 1981
(Anwar ibn Sadat)
Israel not invited to Syrian Peace Talks
Israel was not invited to the peace talks between the Syrian rebels and the Syrian government in Bern, Switzerland due to the two parties distaste of the Israeli government from previous wars

Israel is extremely upset about this and demands America to invite Israel to the talks but America promptly disagrees to Israel's demands. This could worsen relations for all, especially between Israel and Syria's already frail peace. The last thing Syria needs is another war on their hands
The Prospering of MENA
BBC Article Title:
The Fight for what's left
By: Yosef Awad andNoor Barreh 8C
(Arab Leauge/Israel flag)
A.K.A The Muslim Squad

Charlatan- Fraud
ex. The whole affair was filled with charlatan schemes

Fray- Disorganized feud
ex. It was impossible to make out who it was among the fray

Ingratiating- To win a favor
ex. It was clear the politian was ingratiating the irrelevant senator for his vote
Important Person: Hashim AL Attasi
Hashim AL Attasi was a key leader in the ensuing termoil of the Syrian Civil War.

Due to his radical policies the traditional sunni way of life was moved to form the more radical Shiite Alawaii sect. which led to a cultural division in the more radicalized eastern border country of Lebanonn and other neighbors in the arab world
Early in his first term, Attasi joined Egypt in the Yom Kippur war where it lost the strategic Golan Heights
Hashim Al Attasi is the great grandfather of modern day leader Bashar Al Assad.
Egypt National Flag
Syria National Flag
Israel National Flag
Yosef and I have discussed the event and have concluded that Israel should be invited. If anything is going to get better, both sides have to be willing to compromise. Also, Israel is probably the biggest power in the middle east and should be present when major decisions in the region are taking place. Israel, however needs to be able to stop mass restrictions on islamic holy cites to begin to gain the trust of it's almost entirely muslim border countries.
Map of Egypt
Map of Syria
Israel map
Article source: BBC world broadcast
Map of the near east
Flag of the Arab League and Israel
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