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No description

Marian Miguel

on 6 May 2010

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whaaat After they started creating video games, they turned Domo into a manga. But the animation is still on going. Then it turned into a stop motion animation. or a cartoon. People started creating video games based on Domo. when? Domo-kun is the main character.
His monster-like features conceal a gentle soul with a pure body of fluff. Mr. Usaji. He's not interested in new stuff, but he loves green tea. He is the smartest person..or rabbit in the animation, Domo. Hee and Haw are friends of Domo that only he can see. The others see them as flowers. Tashanna is a 17-year old lady who loves fashion and modeling and would like to be a fashion designer or a stylist. But right now, her dream goal is to find a boyfriend. Domo is a strange creature
hatched from an egg. where? WHOO? Domo lives underground Domo was invented in 1998
to promote NHK's satellite broadcast
services. He was first a mascot. or a cave.. isn't it cute? did you know that... Domo is addicted to watching tv. Domo can't talk. Domo's mouth is locked permanently. dance domo! dance! Domo is known to "pass gas" or fart
repeatedly when he's nervous
or upset -the end- clap clap clap NHK (Japan Broadcasting Organization)
is Japan's national public broadcasting
organization. This organization got more
popular because of Domo. more Fun facts Domo's least favourite food is apples.
(It's a big mystery that's in his DNA.) His favourite food is Japanese-style
meat and potato stew. He often causes trouble because he
daydreams too much, and he doesn't pay
attention. hee haw..
It sounds like
a donkey, doesn't it? (characters) is Domo? A little bear or Bear Boy is just a neighbourhood friend of Domo.
He is really shy, but he loves playing sports like baseball. DOMO! :3
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