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Annual Fund 2013 - 2014

No description

Danielle Haydell

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Annual Fund 2013 - 2014

Annual Fund 2013 - 2014
What is the Annual Fund?
The Annual Fund aids in the success of our students and our school.
It is the core of our school’s operations.
When you contribute to Marquette annually, we are able to meet the expenses of the opportunities needed to support an inclusive educational experience that is not fully covered by tuition.
Facility upgrades – classroom and laboratory equipment and furniture, and the overall maintenance of our beautiful campus
Teacher Development – curriculum and professional development workshops
Campus Ministries – service projects, class and Kairos retreats, and leadership building programs.
Performing and Visual Arts – in-school exhibits, fall and spring drama and musicals and art materials.
Technology upgrades – continuous support of wireless networks and media based curriculum
What is our goal?
Our goal for the 2013 - 2014 Annual Fund is to raise $50,000 in donations.
This means we need YOUR help!
Even the smallest donation goes a long, long way in helping our students.
But why should you help?
Well, that's easy! Electrifying things happen at Marquette every single day.
From the amazing athletics programs
To the opportunities to

Oh, and did we mention that last year every single one of our graduating seniors got accepted into college?
Together they received over $3 million in scholarships.
Where do your donations go?
Our alums are doing some pretty AMAZING things

And to think...it's people like YOU who helped them get to where they are now!
With your encouragement, love, and financial support.

We can all help make a difference at this wonderful place.
Please consider making a donation to the Annual Fund
We appreciate your generous contributions
Love, Your BLAZER family
led by talented and dedicated coaches
Contact us now to make your donation today!

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