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autism 2

No description

Reham Emad

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of autism 2

* Do you find childish language easier to understand ?
The Reason I Jump
Both emotional poverty and an aversion to company are not symptoms of autism but consequences of autism.
* Why don't you make eye contact when you are talking ?
Autistic people are oblivious to other people's feelings !
* Directed by :

*Why do you do things you should'nt.
Even when you've been told a million times not to ?
* Why do people with autism talk so loudly and weirdly ?
You must be thinking

" Is he never going to learn ? "

we know we're making you sad and upset.

But please, Whatever you do, Don't give up on us

We need your help.

* Why do you ask the same question again and again ?
* Why can't you have a proper conversation ?
* Is it true that you hate being touched
*What is Autism?

Disorder of neural development
Impaired social interaction
Verbal and non-verbal communication
Restricted , Repetitive or stereotyped behaviour
Persistent deficit in social communication and social interaction.
Restricted, repetitive patterns of behaviour, interests or activities.
Symptoms must be present in the early developmental period.
Symptoms cause clinically significant impairment in social, occupational or other important areas of current functioning.
These disturbances are not better explained by intellectual disability or global developmental delay.
*Naoki has a severe of autism
*Autistic people are antisocial loners !
*They value the company of other people
*End up alone in a corner
*Classic sign of autism

The most intolerable aspect of autism
is the knowledge that he makes other people stressed out and depressed
" Iam right here "
* Charecters display range of emotions
* Scenario designed to tweak the tear glands
* Manipulate audiences feelings
" That's empathy "
This is one of those things i can't control

When i am talking in weird voice i am not doing it on purpose

When it gets triggered it's impossible to hold it back

If i try to hold it back, It actually hurts as if i am strangling my own throat

I don’t repeat my question because I didn't understand

But because I very quickly forget what I've just heard.

Inside my head there isn't such a big difference between what I was told just right now and what I heard along long time ago.

It may look as if we're being bad out of naughtiness, But honstly we are not.

When we are being told off, we feel terrible that yet again we've done what we've told not to.

But when the chance comes once more, We've forgotten about the last time and we just get carried away yet again.

Children with autism are also growing and developing every single day, Yet we are forever being treated like babies.

Whenever anyone treats me as if i am still a toddler, It really hacks me off.

I'm not asking you to use difficult language when you talk to people with autism – Just treat us as we are, According to our age.
Making eye contact with someone i am talking to feels a bit creepy, So I tend to avoid it.

Then, Where exactly am I looking? You might suppose that we're looking down , Or at the general back ground. But you'd be wrong.

What we are actually looking at is the other person's voice.

Voices may not be visible things, But we are trying to listen to the other person with all of our sense organs.
Why do you take ages to answer questions ?
You normal people talk at an incredible speed

Between thinking something and saying it takes you just a split second

The reason we need so much time is that by the time it's our turn to speak, The reply has often vanished from our heads.
Generally,for a person with autism,

Being touched by someone else means that the toucher is exercising control over a body which even it's owner can't properly control.

It's as if we lose who we are.Think about it- That's terrifying!

* Reham Emad
* Presented to you by :
* Alaa Kasem

* Anas Dabsha

* Liza email

* Mohamed Samy

* Yousef Abd El-Azim

Thank you
I can never say what I really want to

Our feelings are the same as every one else's, But we can't find a way to express them.

But having started with text communication, Now i am able to express my self via the alphabet grid,

And being able to share what I think allows me to understand that I, too exist in this world as a human being
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
Eye contact
Playing with other kids
Intense obsessions
Delayed reactions
Constant tantrums
Constant anxiety
Extreme reaction to any change in the environment
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