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chris kaylor

on 25 March 2010

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Transcript of marketing

What is Marketing Marketing Strategy Understand Customers Create And Improve Products Product planning Marketing- the process of planning and executing the make, price, premotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services. Make- deciding how to make the product in order to fit the customers needs Price- decided how much to charge for the product based on the supply and demand for the product. Premotion- advertising from commercials to brand names and logos distribution- determining where to place the product based on your target market Marketing strategy- A companies plan of how it will use marketing to complete its goals Marketing strategy has two steps 1. Determine a target market
2. Figure out how you will complete the above steps effectively Marketing orientation- research is done to figure out what consumers want The product will be designed around what they want Final Consumers-people who buy products and services mostly for their own use Business consumers- persons, companies, and organizations that buy products for the operation of a business, for incorperation into other products and services, or for sale to their customers. Consumer desicion making process- The specific sequence of steps consumers take when makeing a purchase steps
1. Reconize a need
2. Gather info
3. select and evaluate alternatives
4. Make a purchase descision
5. Determine the effectiveness of the desision Marketing research Steps in marketing research
1. Define the marketing problem
2. study the situation
3. Develope a data collectio procedure
4. gather and analyze info
5. Propose a solution types of marketing research
1. surveys
2. focus groups
3. observations
4. experiment product- everything a buisiness offers to satisfy a customers needs basic product product features options brand name Packaging Guarentee or warranty
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