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Valuing Aspects of Motivation in Education

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Courtney Bondick

on 24 February 2016

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Transcript of Valuing Aspects of Motivation in Education

Mediation of Learning
1) Modeling - induce positive attitudes, beliefs and expectations re: learning domain (application and activities)

2) Coaching - communicate info, convey enthusiasm re: activities, help students experience satisfaction

3) Scaffolding - develop learners' capacities for valuing and deriving satisfaction from learning.

a) select appropriate learning activities

b) follow through by introducing activities in ways that inform re: purpose

c) provide coaching to draw students' attention to aspects of the learning experiences from which they can take satisfaction

d) provide feedback that stimulates students to recognize and appreciate their developing expertise.
Qualifications and limitations
Learning will happen most when teachers focus on content that is most worthwhile and builds motivation

Ideas are meant to complement, not replace
Relationships should function probabilistically,
not automatically
These are not tested, and should remain as theoretical arguments

The need for more attention to the value/interest/appreciation aspects of motivation

Questions to discover:

What are motivationally effective teachers?

Why do teachers need to build students’ valuing of learning?

How can teachers scaffold students’ appreciation of their learning and help them develop motivated learning schemas?

Motivationally Optimal Learning Situations
Toward a Model of the Value Aspects of Motivation in Education:

Developing Appreciation for Particular Learning Domains and Activities
By: Jere Brophy
Valuing Aspects of Motivation in Education
Different learning situation lead to different interpretation on motivation education

In achievement situations, one is striving to accomplish clear goals and one’s relative success or failure in doing so is assessed with reference to standard of excellence.

In potential learning situations, one is engaged in intrinsically motivated activities, expanding or deepening one’s learning maybe an implicit goal, along with other goals.

In flow-promoting situation stated by Csikszentmihalyi focus on the importance of an optimal match between the challenge level of the task and the person’s developing skills. (Brophy, 1999, pp.75-77)

Brophy, J. (1999). Toward a model of the value aspects of motivation in education: Developing appreciation for particular learning domains and activities. Educational Psychologist, 34(2), 75-85.

Learners must be ready for a task
Best tasks = not too easy or hard
Teachers must optimize the match (in ZPD)
Align with prior knowledge to stimulate interest
Students must understand the value in content
Falls within the ZPD and is attractive to students
Identification & Self-Reverence Perceptions
Attainment Value
Importance of attaining success
Fulfill needs for achievement
Intrinsic/Interest Value
Enjoyment gained
Willing to engage in task
Utility Value
Advancing academic goals
Learning valued skills
Courtney Bondick, Marchelle Knight, Marissa Messiano, and Juan Sun
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