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Gentamicin sulfate is semisynsetic produced by fermention o

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aya nasser

on 1 April 2015

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Transcript of Gentamicin sulfate is semisynsetic produced by fermention o

Red Yeast Rice
Eptihal Khaled

Blue –green algae
Alaa Ramdan

Aya Mahmoud
Fucus From Brown algae
Abanoub A. Ayoub
Gentamicin sulfate
Ebtsam Abdelmoneam
Drugs containing lower plants
Arctic Lichen
Alaa Mansy
Usnea Lichen
Aya Gamal
streptomyces rimosus bacteria
Aya Ibrahem
Eptihal Hamdy
Aya Hassan
Alaa Arafat
Reishi Mushroom
Alaa Taha

Chondrus of red algae
Abanoub Melad
Red Algae
Aya Nasser Salem

Eptihal Ahmed

: As a source of dietary protein, vitamin B12, and iron


blue green algae
used as source of vitamins : is natural from klamath lake.
: Natural derived from many types of food.

vegetable magnesium stearate
: obtained from palm and other natural sources.

Side effect & Contraindication:
A- blue-green algae:

Pregnancy and breast-feeding:

Not recommended during pregnancy and breast-feeding.

“Auto-immune diseases”
such as multiple sclerosis (MS), lupus (systemic lupus erythematosus, SLE), rheumatoid arthritis (RA), pemphigus vulgaris (a skin condition), and others: Blue-green algae might cause the immune system to become more active, and this could increase the symptoms of auto-immune diseases.

*** If you have one of these conditions, it’s best to avoid using blue-green algae.
Comment :

Pamphlet didn't mention the effect of algae on immiune system Or the side effect of silica or vegetable magnesium stearate
**** They didn't mention the side effects of other ingredient as they didn't exceed 2% of the components of the drug
-The side effect of silica (vitamin deficiency ) is avoided by blye-green algae (source of vitamin

Red yeast rice
is a product of yeast that is grown on rice.
With diet, exercise, and medical care to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It may reduce levels of "bad" cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein, or LDL) and triglycerides in the blood, and may also increase levels of "good" cholesterol (high-density lipoprotein, or HDL).

Do not take red yeast rice if you are allergic to it, or if you have a history of liver disease.
Before taking red yeast rice, talk to your doctor, pharmacist, herbalist, or other healthcare provider. You may not be able to use this product if you have:

• Kidney disease;
• a serious infection, disease, or medical condition;
• IF you are pregnant;
• if you have recently had surgery or an organ transplant; or
• If you drink more than 2 alcoholic beverages per day.

Side effects:

muscle pain, tenderness, or weakness with fever, unusual tiredness, and dark colored urine; or
• Urinating less than usual or not at all.
Less serious side effects may be more likely to occur, such as:
• Upset stomach;
• Heartburn;
• Gas, bloating;
• Mild headache; or.
• Dizziness.

General information about drug uses :
- fucoidan is used in treating cancer by inhibting the vital activity of cancer cells.
- it is also used with chemotherapy to prevent damage of non –cancer cells which replicate rapidly as hair & bone marrow cells.

Side effects of fucoidan :
In case of allergy for fucoidan : swelling of the face, throat, and neck, difficulty breathing, increased heart rate, rash or hives.
It has thinning effect on blood so not used on wound ,and it is anti-coagulant so not used with heparin and warfarin
It may contain small amount of iodine so not used in case of hyperthyroidism
Side effect of Reishi :
1- it cause a detoxification period from 2-7 days , so some symptoms may appear as upset stomach, mild rashes, dizziness, and headaches
****Vitamin C and rest can decrease detoxification symptoms and hasten the detoxification phase

- The leaflet of the drug didn’t mention any side effect of the drug.
-This may be due to the rare appearance of these side effects due to rare allergy for this components.

Q: What is Gigartina?
A: Gigartinaceae (Gigartina) is a species/family of wild harvested red marine algae which is a very rich source of sulfated polysaccharides. Since 1984, sulfated polysaccharides have demonstrated an ability to improve the body’s defenses.

Q: What are polysaccharides?
A: Polysaccharides are complex carbohydrate structures found in algae, and appear to aid bodily defenses by forming a shield that inhibits the pathogen’s ability to adhere to cell walls.
Q: What does Gigartina do?
A: Gigartina can adhere to healthy cell membranes and is helpful with viral infections.

Q: What can I use Gigartina for?
A: Gigartina has been very helpful for the suppression of viral infections and has even been successful with controlling Multiple Sclerosis:

Q: When is the best time to take Gigartina?
A: As a food supplement, Gigartina is best taken on an empty stomach for maximum absorption.
Q: Is it safe to take Gigartina while pregnant?
A: Gigartina is an algal plant-based red marine algae and is safe to use while pregnant. However, please check with your doctor or health care professional.

Q: Is it safe for children to take Gigartina?
A: Gigartina is an algal plant-based red marine algae and is safe for children. Please refer to dosing chart.

Q: Is there a limit on how long one can take Gigartina?
A: Gigartina can be taken indefinitely. If your symptoms persist you may continue on the product until you are satisfied with the outcome.

Q: Is Gigartina safe to take with other supplements, or other Vibrant Health products?
A: Gigartina is a food supplement. It is a plant –based algae safe to take with other supplements, or other Vibrant Health products. If you have any concerns please check with your doctor or health professional.
Source of the"levofloxacin":
is a synthetic fluroquinolone.

-Acute sinusitis.
-Acute exacerbation of chronic bronchitis.
-Urinary tract infections and acute pyelonephritis.
-Skin infection.
-Intra-abdominal infections.

Side Effect (Adverse Reaction):(2)
dry mouth, gastric or abdominal pain, dyspepsia, flatulence , anorexia ,nausea , vomiting ,diarrhea
Respiratory System:
rhinitis and pharyngitis.
C.N.S peripheral neuropathy ,headache ,dizziness, insomina nervousness, somnolence, sleep disturbance, tremors, restlessness anxiety and confusion.

By research we found that this pamphlet includes all items we wanted.

active moiety

is semi_synthetic ergot alkaloid
Methergine _ clinical pharmacology (all written)
Uses $ mechanism
methylergometrine act directly on smooth muscle of uterus >> used to shorten the third stage of labor by helping deliver the placenta after childbirth and to prevent or control ecsessive bleeding followling childbirth (postpartum hemorrage)

side effect

(all written)
Hypertension., Headache, Hypotension,Nausea, Vomiting .
Over Dose
(all written )

Nausea vomiting , Hypotension or hypertension , pain in the cextremities , respiratory depression, convulsions , coma (ergotism)

all written
IV administration ,
Breastfeeding. Hypotension and impaired hepatic or renal function , coronary artery disease .
(all written )
:Pregnancy (frist_second stage of labor)
:Hypersesitivity to methylergometrine or other ergot alkaloids
All in the monograph is mentioned in the pamphlet .
Origin of fucus
:drird thallus of Fucus Vesiculosis,Fucus serratus and Ascophyllum nodosum.

Role of fucus in adios max
it helps speed up weight loss by acting on the body's metabolism helping to speed up the rate at which the body converts fat into energy.

Side effects:
Possible hair loss.

Methylergonovine Maleate Monograph for Professionals - http://www.drugs.com/
Gentamicin sulfate
is semisynsetic produced by fermention of micromonosporm purpa it belonges to class of drug known as aminoglycosides antibiotics.
this antibiotic only treat bacterial infection it willnot work for virous
Aminoglycosides are toxic to the semsorycems of the ear.
Thallophyta includes those plants which are not differentiated into root, stem and leaves .
They are divided into 13 phyla
They include bacteria, algae,fungi and lichens.
memorial sloan-ketlering cancer center : fucoidan
this pamphlet not include all items patient need but the company put questions and answers about all items in company's website and all item is the same of wikipedia and monograph except side effect which possibly effective
Diabetic retinopathy
. .
anti microbial effect,prevent formation of plaque and protect against bacteria.
side effect:
arctic lichen has no harmfull side effect locally on the teeth otherwise it has no side effect on bacterial flora benficial to oral health.
the side effect mentioned is the same in the monogragh.
:- tetracort -skin ointment
Topical corticoid with antibiotic.
The pamphlet not showing side effects, but tetracycline may causes skin photosensitivity, which increase risk of sunburn under exposure to uv light.
books .
Anti-bacterial drug:-tetracycline. Section 13.chapter 153 in merk marnual of diagnosis and therapy.
Origi nally, an antibiotic substance obtained from cultures of the molds Penicillium notatum or P. chrysogenum
Benzathine Benzyl penicillin
For IM injection only
Related Medicines:

Drug name

usnea uva ursi supreme ( concentrated synergistic formula )
the drug consider liquid herbal extract
featured herps
coptis -- echinacea angustifolia -- echinacea purpurea -- usnea lichen -- uva ursi

General uses

- promotes excretion within the kidneyes and urinary tract.
- support a healthy immune response.
- maintain a healthy microbial balance within the urinary system.

Action of usnea lichen in drug
lichen contian a chemical substan called ( usnic acid ) which act as active principle in this application for Bladder Function , Immune System and Kidney Function

side effect and contraindication
not be used during pregnancy or laction

it is mention in monograph that ( usnea lichen or usnic acid is not recommended in pregnant or breasting women based on a lack of available scientific evidence )
so the side effect mentioned in the pamphlet is the same in monograph.

: is a species of
red algae

:Irish moss and carrageen
Active Constituents
: 1-large quantity of pectin
2-oxalate of calcium ,compound of sulpher ,iodine, chlorine and sodium.
1-Demulcent in chronic affections of the air passages .
2-bulk laxative in chronic diarrhea (pectin)
1. Herbalpedia 2011
2. Medical Herbalism. David Hoffmann. 2003. ISBN 978-089281749-8. Pg.539
3- Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/1034800

1-side effect
A)Irish moss may cause bleeding, hypotension, cramping,
diarrhea, and infection.
B) Irish moss may impair absorption of drugs.
2-Contra indications
1-Due to its blood-thinning property, Irish moss should not be used by people taking anticoagulant medicines.
2- Pregnant or breast-feeding patients should avoid use. Infants shouldn't be given Irish moss because it may suppress the immune system.
Patients with underlying bleeding disorders or hypotension should use Irish moss with caution.

pamphlet is Complete
For High Cholesterol:
Been taking Red Yeast Rice for 6 months. It lowered my cholesterol from 269 to 109. Take 2400 mg daily (2 1200 doses), couldn't take after 20 days.

Red Yeast Rice also helped my stomach problems (always indigested).
Thank You

Maitake Mushroom.
Shiitake Mushroom.
extracted from:
google scholair

side effects:
stomach discomfort,
blood abnormalities,
skin swelling (inflam an increased sensitivity to the sun, allergic skin)
( reactionsbreathing problems.mation).
contra indication:
Low blood .
“Auto-immune diseases” such as multiple sclerosis (MS), lupus (systemic lupus erythematosusSLE), blood disorder called eosinophiliaumatoid
nter action:
Maitake mushroom might decrease blood sugar. Diabetes medications are also used to lower blood suga .
it may effect stomach
and cause prorblems with
diabetes, peoplewith lower blood pressure,immune system disease,we should stop use this drug befour2weeks of surgery..
‘ this is not in the prescription .


 Alginic acid; Aluminium hydroxide; Calcium carbonate; Magnesium trisilicate; Sodium alginate; Sodium bicarbonate

Product Name:
is an OTC product
Used for symptomatic relief of problems caused by reflux of gastric contents:
Heartburn (including heartburn of pregnancy)
Reflux oesophagitis
Hiatus hernia.

Many women suffer from both heartburn (acid reflux) and indigestion during pregnancy and it tends to become more common as the pregnancy progresses. In fact, by the third trimester nearly three quarters of pregnant women can suffer from heartburn.
There are two main reasons why heartburn and, to a lesser extent, indigestion are common at this time.
he surge in the hormone progesterone causes muscles to relax. This includes the sphincter (ring of muscle) at the entrance to the stomach. When this relaxes, stomach acids are able to travel back up into the oesophagus (food pipe) causing heartburn.

During the latter stages of pregnancy symptoms can also be caused by the baby physically putting pressure on the woman's digestive tract.
The main ingredient in Gaviscon, alginic acid, works as an anti-reflux agent. It reacts with the acid found in the stomach to produce a frothy layer over the stomach contents, which then prevents reflux. The sensitive mucosa of the oesophagus is no longer exposed to gastric acid and the pain associated with these conditions is relieved. Continued use of Gaviscon and ongoing prevention of reflux allows the damaged tissues to be repaired.

Side Effects
loss of appetite, nausea/vomiting, unusual weight loss, bone/muscle pain, mental/mood changes (e.g., confusion), headache, increased thirst/urination, unusual weakness/tiredness.
occur: change in the amount of urine.
A very serious allergic reaction to this drug is rare. However if you notice any symptoms of a serious allergic reaction, including: rash, itching/swelling (especially of the face/tongue/throat), severedizziness, trouble breathing.
This is not a complete list of possible side effects. If you notice other effects not listed above, contact your doctor or pharmacist.
Side effect for alginic acid :
Constipation; diarrhea.
Seek medical attention right away if any of these SEVERE side effects occur while taking alginic acid / aluminum hydroxide / magnesium carbonate:
Severe allergic reactions (rash; hives; itching; difficulty breathing; tightness in the chest; swelling of the mouth, face, lips, or tongue); loss of appetite; muscle weakness; nausea; slow reflexes; vomiting.
-by research we found this pamphlet includes all items we wanted.

- Alaa Ramdan
- Alaa Taha
- Alaa Arafat
- Alaa Mansy
- Aya Ibrahim
- Aya
- Aya Hassan
- Aya Mahmoud
- Aya Nasser Salem (
- Abanoub Antonous
- Abanoub Melad
- Ebtesam
- Eptihal Ahmed
- Eptihal Hamdy
- Eptihal Khaled
Examples of pharmaceutical interest are indicated:
1) Brown Algae:
They are mainly marine and vary from microscopic branched filaments to leathery found like forms up to
60 m in length.
brown colour due to the
carotenoid pigment fucoxanthin
which masks the other pigments.

2) Red Algae:
They are divided into 4000 species which are mainly marines and paticularly abundant in the tropics and subtropics.
Their plastids contain chlorophyll ,the red pigments
( usually insufficient quantity to mask other pigments) and sometimes the blue pigment
3) Lichens
is a symbiotic association of an algae and fungus , many lichens have
antibiotic properties
4) fungi
are saprophytic or parasitic members of thallophyta entirely devoid of chlorophyll .
( example :
yeast - ergot
example :

Chondrus & Gigartina
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