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Dooley Takes the Fall

By Amanda Gemmell

Amanda Gemmell

on 25 January 2010

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Transcript of Dooley Takes the Fall

Norah McClintock was born in Montreal, Canada She has a Degree in History from McGill University Dead and Gone; 2004 No Escape; 2003 Hit and Run; 2003 Norah is a five-time winner of the Crime Writers of Canada's Arthur Ellis Award for Best Juvenile Crime Novel. Dooley takes the Fall was written in 2007 by Noarh McClintock

Genre of Novels? Most of McClintock's books are fiction-murder-mystery novels Some of her latest books; Dooley Takes the Fall; 2007 Facts about Dooley Takes he Fall A murder myserty novel Published by Red Deer Press What is the Book about? Ryan Dooley, a teenaged boy, has been in and out of trouble all of his life Why? When Dooley was younger, his mom was never home to be a role model With no role model, he got into the wrong crowd and started heavy drinking and drugs Dooley had gotten off work early one day and before going home to his retired-cop uncle, he dicided to go for a walk in the ravine. Here, he found Mark Everley's dead body. What happened? Was he pushed? Did he fall? Did he jump? All of these questions were investigated for Everley's death. The most pressing question though, was he pushed?
Because Dooley had found Everley first, the cops think that he may have been responsible. On top of Dooley's criminal record, Everley and Dooley didn't get alone very well. Dooley's Reputation=
Most of the school is affraid of Dooley Why? During the book Dooley's past is reveiled Why he is living with his retired-cop uncle
Why Dooley is forced to maintain a part time job
Why Dooley must attend his classes regularly The reasons for; Before living with his unlce Dooley had gotten into alot of trouble Dooley and Gillette were once friends who would steel things from people. They 1st started out with stealing purses from people; then they moved onto bigger things When no-one was home, Dooley and Gillette would sneak into someones house and take valuables from them. It wasn't just about stealing things for Dooley and Gillette though, it was the adrenaline rush they got from it One night when Dooley and Gillette had broken into someone's house (both of them high) something happened that would change Dooley's life forever. Dooley had hit a fifty-four year old woman right in the head. The woman had suffered permanent brain damage and permanent motor damage. She will never walk or talk again. While Dooley was in the living room checking the credenza, Gillette had mumbled something and then yelled,"Look-out!" Dooley had then grabbed his base-ball bat, saw a shadow coming at him and swung at it. When Mark Everley turned up dead, and Dooley found him, Dooley became a suspect. When a second person turns up dead, one who Dooley didn't like, his world gets a wake-up call. Why do the cops automatically think that the second death is linked to Dooley? 1. The night of the second death there was a party that Dooley went to at Rhodes house. It was to raise a scholarship in honor of Mark Everley. 2. Dooley isn't suppose to be doing any drinking or drugs. At this party he managed to stick with ginger-ale for most of the night. Though he broke when he toasted with champagne. At this time someone had spiked his drink with Rohypnol and Dooley had no memory of that night. 3. The following morning Dooley was found passed out on his uncle's front lawn and was taken to the hospital. 4. When Dooley became concious, he was told that he fits the description of someone who had robbed a store the previous night, Gillette had been murdered, and that at the party Dooley had gotten in a fight with him. He is now a primary suspect. Dooley has been given a second chance at his life, will all of his hard work staying clean be for nothing? Whoever is framing him is obviously very smart and through forshadowing, dramatic irony, and intensity, a twist is thrown in that you will never see coming and the culprite is revealed! What I think... AMAZING! This book is one of the best books I have ever read. I highly recommend any of you to read it, and even if you arn't someone who likes reading, as an ISU project in the future. It is a true "page turner' Mark Everley is portrayed as a preppy jerk who Dooley doesn't think too highly of. This doesn't help the fact that Dooley is the one who found him dead and is now a suspect. Dooley Takes the Fall About the Author... 1 2 3 4 By: Amanda Gemmell What happens?
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