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The Assn. and Legacy of Malcolm X

Fulmore, Mamie

Jayla Leggett

on 9 May 2011

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Transcript of The Assn. and Legacy of Malcolm X

"The Life and Legcay of Malcolm X"
JayLa L.
Leslie C.
Aykeria W.
Anthony W. Biography Born Malcolm Little
May 19, 1925 Born in Ohama, Nebraska Mother, Louis Little
Father, Earl Little 1946: convicted of larceny&&
breaking and entering..
sentenced 10 yrs. in prison Released six yrs later,
he met up with Elijah Muhammad,
he then converted to the Nation of Islam. 1953, X moved to New York City to live
with Elijah Muhammad 1954: Malcolm beame the Minister of
The Nation of Islam's Temple Eleven 1958, Joined in Holy Matriony to the Late Betty Sanders
Their first child, daughter Atallah, is born;
November 1958 His second Daughter, qubilah, is born in december of 1960 his third daughter, IIyasah, born in 1962 1964:
meets King for the first time
his 4th daughter, Gamilah, is born in December The Assn. of Malcolm X 22yr. old African American Male
by the name of Thomas Hagan assn
Malcolm X Norman Butler was als convicted as accomplies of hagan Because of the conviction
they spent 40yrs. in a correctional facility R.I.P MALCOM X
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