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Teen Life in the 1700's

No description

Momo Etienne

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of Teen Life in the 1700's

Teen Life in the Elizabethan Era
Morving Etienne
A Teenager in the 1700's
Painting of a Young Couple
In the Elizabethan Era, Entertainment was very popular. It only came around when there was important events such as weddings, ceremonies, victories and festivals. In these events there would be games, jousts, hunting and dancing (Elizabethan Entertainment, 2012). Teens would accompany these entertainments because of there adult status.

Fun and Games
In the 1700's, there was almost no such thing as a teenager or an in between. You were either considered as a child or an adult. Throughout your childhood your filled with training until you marry.
You were to become of age around 12-18 for girls and 14-22 for boys to be expected to marry. The younger you were, with parents permission you could be married (Life in Elizabethan England, 2008). A young lady was known to get married and have been taught how to take care of the house and her soon to come children. A young man on the other hand was to marry and have had learned his fathers ways .
Treatment of Teenagers
Teens were treated equally as if they were adults. Children were even known or mentioned as miniature adults. They were trained to soon be considered an adult (No Sweat Shakespeare, 2004-20014). Young girls were taught to cook and clean. While young boys were sent off to school and were taught by there fathers to be like them. So this meant there was no such thing as being treated as a child even if you were one.
To wrap this up, teenagers were considered adults by the time they were 12 or 14. At these ages with a parents consult it is legal for them to get married. But because of this, everyone who wasn't a child was treated as an adult. Which meant there was basically no such thing as a teenager. So teens were involved in every adult entertainment and event like the games and animal sports. Unlike today, teens back then had more choices and were adults fast.
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