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No description

Ana Simovic

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Nomex

poly-meta-phenylene isophthalamide Introducing Nomex A Brief History of Nomex Practical Applications
of Nomex Properties & Production
of Nomex Comparisons to Kevlar Nomex Nomex is a registered trademark for flame resistant material developed in the late 1950's by DuPont. Timeline of Nomex Applications 1950's 2012 1967 The one polymer that can stand up to the highest of temperatures Nomex available in both woven and non-woven forms Nomex heat-resistant fiber prospered from Sweeny's discovery at DuPont’s Pioneering Research Laboratory and by the end of the 60's... Wilfred Sweeny was the scottish chemist that founded nomex in the late 50's while working for DuPOnt. This versatile material can be used in a variety of applications in the modern world today, ranging from fire fighting suits to boat construction. Nomex ascends through many industries from the 70's to the modern world today IUPAC Name Street name Safety Applications Filtration Products Marine/Aviation Industry Automotive Industry Flame retardant- protects firefighters, jet pilots, NASCAR, Formula 1, and Drag racers, etc (anything that involves the possibility of intolerable heat exposure). Reasons For Use: flame resistant
naturally insulating
mechanically tough
insensitive to water
doesn't freeze
high operating temperatures
radiation resistant
non-toxic formulation Hot gas filtration Reasons For Use: allows higher operating temperatures
reduces product manufacturing time
reduces power and cost
stops condensation Nomex Honeycomb Process Reasons For Use: high strength to weight ratio
cost effective
energy saving
increases payload Tail Fins + Helicopter rotors buoyancy
increased performance Reasons For Use: Major Uses: sheet structure
heat shields
spark plug insulation
flexible hoses C C N H N H N o O O O Synthetic manmade ring-like structure many monomers amino acid + carboxyclic acid N O M E X The End... Production Properties Nomex is a very close relative of nylon as they share a similar polymer structure
BUT Nomex has aromatic backbones
Therefore they are more rigid and more durable
Nomex is the premier example of a meta variant
Meaning Nomex's benzene rings bond at the 1 and 3 positions in its structural formula. Aka more commonly known
as an "Aramid" in industry. ...compared to Nomex Nylon The Polymer is produced from condensation reaction
The main monomers used to create nomex in the condensation reaction are:
1,3-phenylene diamine and isopthaloyl dichloride Nomex Kevlar Same structural formula with exeption to positioning of the benzene rings Kevlar has para-oriented aromatic rings
Therefore making it about five times stronger than Nomex. Nomex has meta-oriented rings
with 120-degree bond angles
Therefore it helps the structure to not melt at high temperatures. That's why Kevlar is used for bullet-proof vests and Nomex is used for firefighter uniforms. The one polymer that has prevented millions of possible deaths through fire related accidents The one polymer that can withstand the destructive capabilities of fire and heat ... nomex the anti-fire polymer O Aromatic Polyamide Polymer A Brock and Ana production...
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