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About me

calvin Wong

Calvin Wong

on 26 June 2011

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Transcript of About me

Who am I Hi, my name Calvin Wong I have just graduated from elementary school last year I am now in grade 9 and am 15 years old I have 2 brothers named Christen and Camden
and 1 sister named Carmen My mom is Doris and
my dad is Derrick I have a large family with many
cousins, aunts and uncles We like to do fun activities together such as playing cards and watching movies together What I really like to do
is to eat lots of food I also like to go on the
computer a lot to learn about
many different things My favourite classes this year
are of course business and
geography which i also won an
award for during my garduation Some clubs and sports I have
joined are math club, biology
club, mucsic concert band and
the soccer team Some other things I like
to do during my free time
are reading, biking, staying
up late watching movies and spending
time with my 2 younger brothers We also like to do various
activities together such as
watching movies and picnics
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