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"Checkouts" by Cynthia Rylant "Analyzing Checkouts"

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alondra serrano

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of "Checkouts" by Cynthia Rylant "Analyzing Checkouts"

"Checkouts" by Cynthia Rylant
Shopping For Love

Analysis of the following quotes:
"This is the way of children, when they truly want a thing ,to pretend that they don't. And then they grow angry when no ones tried harder to give them this thing they so casually rejected.."

Description of Girls Personality:
The girl's personality in "Checkouts" is a bit selfish and impulsive because of certain actions. A method the author uses to to reveal this is by "character's motivation". This is the thoughts that encourages the character to do the actions they do. Another method is explaining her thoughts.
Description of Boy's Personality:
In the story,the boy was not confident and didn't have high self-esteem based on the way he acted around the girl. The author mostly used the same methods she used to reveal the girl's personality.
Character's Motivation is what encourages the character to do certain things.The Character's thoughts,beliefs,or perspective can be motivation.
Record at Least 3 of the Character"s actions with Analysis:
The girl spent most of her time in her room because she was stuck in the past and refused to go out and make friends,"...Where for a month she spent the greater part of everyday in a room full of beveled glass windows..."
Record At least 3 of the Character's Feelings with Analysis:
The character described how peaceful and pleasant she felt while shopping,"Like a Tibetan monk in a solitary meditation,she calmed to a deep,deep happiness:this feeling came to her,reliably,only in the supermarket."
Record At Least 3 of the Character's Thoughts with an analysis:
The girl thought the boy was an opposite to her new house because of his awkwardness and clumsiness,"The bag boy seemed a wonderful contrast to her perfectly beautiful house she had been forced to accept as her home,to the history she hated,to the loneliness she had gotten used to,and she couldn't wait to come back for more of his awkwardness and dishevelment."
"She had an intuition which told her that her parents were not safe for sharing such strong information, important facts about herself.Let them think,they knew her."
"Then one day the bag boy dropped her jar of mayonnaise and that is how she fell in love."
"He believed he must have looked like the fool in her eyes..."
"...and the boy hated himself for not catching her eye and saying hello..."
Definition of Character Motivation:
How Does the Author Present Character Motivation?
The author explains what the character's feelings and thoughts are.She gives the reason for the character's action.
"She had an intuition which told her that her parents were not safe for sharing such,strong important facts about herself."
She goes shopping because it relaxes her,"She had never told them she loved grocery shopping just that she was willing to do it."
She fell in love with the bag boy because she felt lonely,"Then one day the bag boy dropped her jar of mayonnaise and that is how she fell in love."
The girl was disappointing when she didn't she the boy sooner but , had hope in seeing him again,"Yet their disappointment these weeks there was a kind of ecstasy."
The girl felt hate when she didn't talk to the boy,"She hated herself for not checking out at the boy's line..."
She thought the boy was attractive because of the way he seemed,"Strange,how attractive clumsiness can be."
She thought seeing the boy again could give her hope for her new life in Cincinnati,"The anticipation of meeting the boy eased the girl's painful transition into her new and jarring life in Cincinnati."
Boy's Motivation for Second Meeting:
The girl could have maybe pulled up at the boy's check out line instead of ignoring him so he could start up a conversation.That would've gave him the motivation that the girl might be interested in him."...the girl did not bring up her cart to the bag boy's check out line when her shopping was done.And the bag boy let her leave the store,pretending no notice her."
Explain How the Boy and Girl Felt after they Ignored Each other:
They hated themselves and each other.The girl hated not going to the bag boy's checkout line and the boy regretted not saying hello."The girl hated herself for not checking out at the boy's line,and the boy hated himself for not catching her eye and saying hello,and they most sincerely hated each other without having exchanged even two minutes of conversations."
If the bag boy had never seen the girl he would've probably not quit his job at the supermarket and gotten the job at the bookstore,which is where he met the other girl.
How Are the Boy and Girl Each Part of the Other's Journey in Life?
If the girl fell in love with the bag boy and told him,she wouldn't have accepted the other boy who asked her out.
"Eventually-in fact-within a week-a kind and intelligent boy who lived very near her beautiful house asked the girl to a movie and she gave up her fancy for the bag boy at the supermarket.And the bag boy himself grew so bored with his job that he made a desperate search for something better and ended up in a bookstore where scores of fascinating girls lingered like honeybees about a hive."
The author explains that sometimes people act as if they don't want a certain thing just because someone is begging them to accept it.
"Its odd how we sometimes deny ourselves the very pleasure we have longed for and which its finally in our reach"'
This means we often push away things we want simply because we know we can have them,we take things for granted.
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