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A Rasin in the Sun project Character Map

A project by Jack Davis

Jack Davis

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of A Rasin in the Sun project Character Map

Character Map Well...... Walter is a Static Character! Walter is a Dynamic
Character! Walter is a static character because he
still does not change thoughout the
book even though I showed good reasons
why he did. One example of why he is a static
character is one night he comes
home from a bar and all he wants to
talk about is the liquor store plans he has.
He does not want to talk to Ruth about her
abortion plans. Another example is when he
was supposed to deposit $3000 of the $6500
into Beneatha's bank account for her
doctor's degree, but he spends all $6500 on
trying to make the liquor store. Willy
Harris runs away with all of it. One last
example is Ruth gets a call from Walter's
boss saying that Walter has not been to
work in 3 days. Walter says that he has just
been wandering around the country
and going to bars at night. Walter is a dynamic character because
he changes throughout the book. One
example is Walter was going to take the
money Karl Linder offered them because
it was more money than they got offered originally. In the end he does not accept
the offer because he wants the best for
his family. Another example is Walter
was fighting with Ruth but then made up
with her in the end because they both
acknowledged that a great distance has
grown between them. One last example
is he, Ruth, and Beneatha present Mama
with gardening presents before they're going to move to their house. So in the end he is
both static and dynamic. Thesis Statement Walter is a dynamic character
because he changes mostly
throughout the book. He is
more open-minded in a sense
and he tries to have less fights and stand up for his family, becoming the man of the house.

Walter is a dynamic character
because he changes mostly
throughout the book.

Walter is a dynamic character
because he is more open minded.

Walter is a dynamic character because he tries to have less fights and stand up for his family, becoming the man of the house. Is Walter a dynamic character
or a static character? External Conflict Walter's external conflicts are
he has to try to keep Mama and
Ruth happy because he has
differing ideas than them. Another
one is he wants to create a good
self image for himself so people
will know who he is. He also has
to live in poverty which can be
hard. How Walter is Described by Other People Walter is described as a jerk at the beginning but his image changes in the end to more
of the man of the house. He also is described as sometimes troubled. He thinks that he is low in the social scale but he thinks he will be looked up to if he can
make the liquor. He thinks
he will have sports cars and a big house. He is also thought of in the beginning as not a family man. Walter's Internal Conflicts Walter is conflicted internally
by various responsibilities. He's
responsible for his family and has to stay true to the morals and religion his mother has for him.He also has to be a good role model for his kid, Travis which burdens him. He's also in poverty and he thinks one of
the only ways to get out is
through owning his own
liquor store. How Internal Conflicts Connect to Walter's "Key Sayings" and "Key Actions" Walter's internal conflicts connect to
his "keys sayings" and his "key actions"
because his troubles make him angry or make him sad which influence
his actions and sayings. Walters key actions
are he usually dreams about his bar and
he goes out to bars at night. He gives $6500
to his friend and he runs off with it. Walter
becomes upset with himself for letting the
family down and then tries to be the man
of the house. His key sayings are he talks
about his bar plans, sometimes fights with his mama, Beneatha but mostly his wife. When he finds out they're buying the house, he gets pretty depressed and he tries to make Mama feel guilty. Examples/Excerpts
From the Book Here, I have some examples
and excerpts from the book.

pg. 35 "we one group of men
tied to a race of woman with
small minds."

pg. 17 "I'm a grown
man, mama."

pg. 36 "he was my father too."

pg. 34"DAMN MY EGGS-

pg. 32 "A mum needs for a
woman to back him up."

pg. 31 "What you tell the boy things like that for."

pg.27 "just for a second-stirring the eggs. Just for a second-it was-you looked young again. It's gone now you looked like
yourself again." My Understanding of Walter Walter is a troubled man
who is challenged to be the man of the house because his father just died. Walter
isn't that bad but he sometimes acts like a jerk. He
really wants the best for his
entire family. He thinks that
they have to get out of poverty so maybe his son can get a college degree and he can take care of his family. He thinks he can do this by buying a liquor store that he and his buddies can run.
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