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"Penguin Chick" Reading Street

Day 1 Common Core for "Penguin Chick" to be used with teacher's edition.

Christina Cowan

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of "Penguin Chick" Reading Street

1. How do plant parts and animals help solve problems of penquins? 2. What body parts do predatory animals (or animals who hunt other animals), have that help them catch their prey? 3. How does a cactus survive in a dry climate? Amazing Words Write the following words.
Leave a space to write your
ideas of the meaning of the word. inhospitable refuge flourish absorb Answer the question. Use the pictures to help you. The desert can seem like an inhospitable place to live. What features make the desert seem inhopitable? Would the moon be considered inhospitable to most people? Phonics butter Today you will learn how to
read two-syllable words
that have only one consonant
in the middle. seven pilot broken silent salad tulip rapid frozen music camel female panic final lemon Comprehension Read "The Coldest Continent" on pg. 205. When I read, I ask myself what this paragraph is about. I read that ice covers the whole land, in some places the ice is almost three miles thick. These are supporting details. The main idea is that Antarctica is
covered with ice. Vocabulary http://quizlet.com/_40oa0 The following questions you will answer
on a separate piece of paper... STOP HERE! You MUST make sure all
other assignments are completed.
For example, WRITING!!!!
If it is completed then you may
play online reading games on the
classroom blog. Let's find the details... Now that we know the details,
what is the main idea?
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