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Media Center Orientation

An orientation to the media center for K-5 students at Wesley Lakes Elementary.

Jennifer Inmon

on 9 September 2016

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Transcript of Media Center Orientation

Welcome to your Media Center!
Book Care
Media Center Rules
Choosing the Right Book
Use your whisper voice.
Walk, don't run.
If you change your mind about a book, put it back where you found it or on the "Returns" cart.
Use the 5 finger rule
Story books
Chapter books
Meet the staff
Media Centers are fun!

Make sure you have clean hands!
You are responsible for the books you check out.
Use a bookmark.
Open your book to any page.
Read that page.
Put up one finger for every word you don't know. If you hold up more than five fingers on a page, that book is probably too hard for you. If you don't have any fingers up, that book is probably too easy. If you have five fingers or less up, that book is just right for you.
Mrs. Inmon
Located on the bookshelves against the walls

Located in the smaller bookcases
You may check out two books at a time.
Put your books in your bookbag when you're finished with them.
Your dog can't read. Don't let him have your books.
Please. Don't let him get your books.
Baby brother and sister can't read either.
But they think books are tasty.
While you may like reading in the bath, your book doesn't need one.
They really don't like water.
Pencils, pens, DS games, notebooks, other books placed inside a book to hold your place will ALL cause spine damage.
Mrs. McClure
Use a shelf marker, please.

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