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Swamp Survival Guide

No description

Gordon Ford

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Swamp Survival Guide

Swamp Survival Guide
The first and most important thing in a survival situation is to assest the situation. Study your surroundings and go through your gear and see what you have. If you have a way of starting a fire and a way to boil water you can survive.
The nights
The swamps have brutal nights that can be very hot or very cold. The bugs and animals are a very big issue. You need to start a fire. The bark from the cyprus trees in the swamp make great fire starter and will catch flame with a spark. Make sure you have enough wood to last you the night.
Once you have a good fire going the next goal is water. You can only live 3 days without water and you dont wanna test that fact. Using a metal container filled with nasty swampy water that is boiled for 5 minutes is safe to drink. Especially when you are thirsty.
Gathering food is your next goal to survive. Nobody really wants to eat bugs or lizards. But frogs can be a real treat. Swamps are covered with frogs and they can easiley be caught with bare hands. Pulling their legs off and roasting them over the fire will save your life.
Once your fire food amd water are covered shelter is next. Weather can change in an instant in the swamp and a simple shelter can save your life. A simple lean-to is easy to build and can be made rain proof by pine branches covering the roof.

Getting Out
Getting out of the swamp is your main inspiration. Finding the main water way like a river or stream can be a way out. All main rivers can lead to civilization which can save your life.
The Way Out
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