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Folate Deficiency

No description

Miss Brown

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Folate Deficiency

Vitamin B9, folic acid, or folate is a water-soluble vitamin found in food.

It helps produce and maintain new cells, which is particularly important during pregnancy.

Other medical conditions that increase the need for folate include:
•Alcohol abuse
•Kidney dialysis
•Liver disease

Office of Dietary Supplements (2010). BACKGROUND Deficiency of folate can cause:
• Anaemia
• Serious skin disorders
• Loss of hair
• Impaired circulation
• Fatigue
• Depression
• Difficult labour
• Loss of libido in males
• Gastrointestinal disorders
• Greyish-brown skin pigmentation
• Premature grey hair

Online-vitamins-guide.com (2010); Vitamins Diary (2010).
Effects of deficiency on the human body Folate deficiency is most common in developing countries, such as:
• Sierra Leone
• Afghanistan
• Nigeria
• Nepal
• Haiti
Africa is generally the most-suffering continent in terms of folate deficiency.

Springboard (2004).
Prevalence of vitamin B9 deficiency in the world RDI of folate for children:
• 150mcg (1-3 years old)
• 200mcg (4-8 years old)
• 300mcg (9-13 years old)

RDI of folate for adolescents:
• 400mcg (14-18 years old)

Home Economics Institute of Australia (2008).
RDI for children and adolescents Many foods contain folate, including:
• Fresh green vegetables (e.g. spinach and broccoli)
• Starchy vegetables
• Fruit
• Beans
• Whole grains
• Liver

Foods to prevent deficiency The best source of folate is breakfast cereal, as many cereals are fortified with folate. The second best source is beef liver.

Office of Dietary Supplements (2010); Online-vitamins-guide.com (2010). VITAMIN B9 DEFICIENCY Effects, prevalence, RDI and prevention
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