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My Life Project

No description

Brenda Lizeth Bermudez

on 16 August 2015

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Transcript of My Life Project

When I Was Five Years Old
My sister was born
I Entered at school for first time
We went with my family to Monserrate

Habits Of My Family
Go out to eat chicken
Watch movies at night
Go out and play football
Go to the park
My name is Brenda Lizeth Bermúdez, I am 16 years old, I live in Bogota, I was born on May 1 of 1998. My mother is Maria Ayde Bobadilla, my sister is Ana Sofia Bobadilla, my father is Oscar Bermúdez, my daughter is Emily Andrea Cortes and my boyfriend is Juan Cortes.
My Daugther
She and her faces
very beautiful
My Life Project
I Like
I like eating ice cream
I like chatting with my friends
I like going out with my boyfriend
I like drawing
I like enjoy with my daughter
When I Was Seven
Years Old
I learned to read well
I escaped from the house all afternoon
I learned to multiply
When I Was Ten Years Old
My mom made me a birthday party
We went swimming with my mom and sister
I liked watching The Powerpuff Girls
How I Am Now
Hi I am Brenda Bermudez I am
16 years old, I am in 10th grade,
I have a Daugther, her name is Emily Andrea, she is very beautiful. My boyfriend is Juan Andres Esponja, he is Studying at Sena industrial electricity
The Way I Am
I am small, I have long black hair, my skin is brunette.
I am funny with my friends, friendly, sometimes I get angry, I´m lovely with my family, I´m pretty I´m crazy and lazy I like the ice cream of blackberry with chocolate.
Family Relationships
My family is the best
I love my daughter, she is the most beautiful, my Boyfriend, My mother, my sister. all are very friendly and I´m very happy.
They are the best.
In My Free Times
I am always with my baby and my boyfriend
Sometimes I'm with my friends
My Future Life
I will continue studying in the Sena,
have my technologist.
Finish my high school get good
notes and I will be good student

I will follow studying for have a
career successful
I will be graphic designer,
I will work in a good company

I will have a big house with garden beautiful
A car white
I will have one baby and
another adopted
I will travel with my family every year
I will go to the park with my family
Mi daughter will be very pretty,
I will be marry with juan, I will have
a happy family.
I will be good mother and wife
I will have a pet cute.
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