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Oscar Claude Monet

No description

Kyna Westbury

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Oscar Claude Monet

Monet Art Project Most people may
know Monet for
his paintings or
his water lillies,
but there's much
more than that. Oscar
Claude Monet was born in
Paris on November 14,1840. Monet's movement is an
impressionist and his field is being a painter. Monet was also French. One thing we can learn
from Monet is that his
technique of applying
bright,unmixed colors
in quick,short strokes
became a hallmark of
impression. Monet became famous
because he was the
father of impressionism
and became wheat stack
and cathrdral paintings
and he was famous for his
reflection and working with
light. These are some of
Monet's paintings. Here are some of
Monet's famous art
works. One of Monet's paintings
is called Haystacks at
Chailly at Sunrise made in
1865. Another one is called
Garden at Sainte-Adress made
in 1867. Sadly on
December 5,1926
Oscar Claude Monet died. Monet started art training
in 1859 at Academie Suisse,
a studio that had models for
aspiring artists to draw or
paint, but gave a little
direct instruction.
By:Kyna and Rafael
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