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Alien & Sedition Acts: Constitutional or Not?

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Javan Pitt

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Alien & Sedition Acts: Constitutional or Not?

Alien & Sedition Acts: Constitutional or Not?
Why Were These Acts Passed?
-conflicts between Federalists and Democratic-Republicans

-Democratic-Republican newspapers & immigrants were criticizing the government

-angered John Adams and wanted to silence press
-increased the time it took to become a citizen from 5 to 14 years

-allowed the government to arrest/deport immigrants, especially in times of war (French Revolution)

-allowed people that worked for the press to be arrested for criticizing the government
Why is it Unconstitutional?
More Reasons That Is Unconstitutional
-the acts were made out of anger and egotism

-one of the reasons it was passed was that judicial review didn't exist yet

-gave to much power to the central government
What Did The Acts Do?

Were the Acts Constitutional?
-it violated the 1st amendment

-limited freedom of speech and press

-the unnecessary arrest of news reporters as well as government officials
Extra Information About the Acts
- the Acts had 4 parts

1:Naturalization Act

2: Act Concerning Aliens

3:Act Concerning Alien Enemies

4:Sedition Act
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