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James Bond - Heroes and Villains

No description

Deeksha Bhushan

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of James Bond - Heroes and Villains

James Bond
Agent 007 - James Bond
Popularity of The James Bond Series of Novels and Films
The Novels covered in the study of this paper
"A fictional character unrivaled in modern publishing history."
"The most famous secret agent ever!"
"A degree of international popular appeal over an extended period."
The Influence of Bond on Popular Advertising
The Influence of Bond on Fashion
The Narrative Structure of The Bond Novels
Umberto Eco's "The Narrative Structure in Fleming":
The Plot
The Story
The Narrative
Eco states that
The Basic Plot Line and Concept
of the novel
stays the same throughout the span of the series.
Eco is concerned that, at the level of the plot, the Bond novels are all
of one type in regard to their structure,
and that the Bond formula
is merely
a variant of the archetypal structure
of the
traditional fairytale.
The only
that occur in the novels to differ them from each other,
as stories,
are the
settings of the story
and the
adjustment of the
'variable' characters
The Narrative
refers to
the way the story is told.
Eco argues that the
characters in the Bond novels
'motivated' - set into motion within the narrative -
solely by the working of the
narrating machine
supplied by
the operation of an invariant plot structure
Series of Oppositions in the Structure of the Plot
Good v/s Evil
Chance v/s Planning
Loyalty v/s Disloyalty
Free World v/s Soviet Union
Anglo-Saxon v/s Non Anglo-Saxon
Duty v/s Greed
Duty v/s Sacrifice
Bond-Villain Dichotomy
particularly around the
The Influence of the Political Scenario on the Construction of Bond and his Villains
Global Political Scenario - 1950s and 1960s
SMERSH - Smiert Spionam
The novels' antagonistic organization,
was fabricated by Ian Fleming,
and was
Russia's lethal body,
which also operated abroad.
USA, Britain, France, NATO: Capitalist Free World Ideology
Soviet Union and Soviet Bloc: Socialist and Communist Ideology
China's Communist Regime
Britain's Imperialist Empire: Downfall
Communism v/s Capitalism
of the
always seemed to
lie with
The Soviet Union's
Communist Bloc
"Death of Spies"
The Influence of Britain's Declining Imperialism
Britain's Relationship with America
American CIA Agent Felix Leiter
Bond's relationship with
Britain's relationship with her former (or current) colonies
Bond's relationship with his helpers from the colonies
Quarrel (Cayman Islands) - Dr. No
To Mythically Recentre Britain
“You underestimate the English. They may be slow, but they get there. You think you’ll be pretty safe in Russia? I wouldn’t be too sure. We’ve got people even out of there before now. I’ll give you one last aphorism for your book, Goldfinger: ‘Never go a bear of England.’”
Bond's attitude toward his Country
The Physical Appearance and Sexuality of Bond and his Villains
James Bond
"Name: James Bond. Height: 183cm. Weight: 76 kilograms. Slim body; blue eyes; black hair. Scar down the back of the right cheek, and on the left shoulder. Signs of plastic surgery on the back of the right hand. All-round athlete. Expert pilot shot. Boxer knife thrower. Does not use disguises. Languages: French, German. Smokes heavily. Drinks, but not excess. Women. Not thought to accept bribes.
With the sun setting on Britannia's empire, Ian Fleming, true patriot, creates the character of Bond, as the perfect man.
Smart, handsome, resourceful, Bond is their trump card; the man who can do just about anything.
The Villains
Le Chiffre
Casino Royale
Pale complexion, Crew-cut hair.
Odd dark brown eyes with very prominently visible whites in the irises.
Scar across left eye (Film only).
Expensive set of false teeth.
Unconfirmed racial origin; Mediterranean with Polish and Prussian traces.
Fleming claimed to have been inspired by
Occultist, Aleister Crowley
for Le Chiffre's appearance.
Donovan "Red" Grant
From Russia With Love
No visible physical deformities.
Suggestions of Asexuality.
While Bond is presented as physically attractive and possessing heteronormative sexuality, the villains are grotesque, as well as sexually deviant.
His lack of interest in a young masseuse, who comes on to him at a poolside, claiming to have sexual desires toward him.
under contract/employment of SMERSH.
Dr. Julius No
Dr. No
Mixed origins: German Methodist father, Chinese mother.
Self-affirmed Megalomaniac.
Arms with metal pincers as prostheses.
Dextrocardia: Condition in which the heart leans toward the right as opposed to the left.
Thin and six inches taller than Bond's six feet.
Eyes like "the mouths of two revolvers".
Wears the first ever contact lenses.
Auric Goldfinger
Almost ordinary looking, with no apparent political allegiance.
Short, physically disproportionate body.
Blue eyes and a passion for tanning.
Curious red hair that could be symbolic of his allegiance to the "Red States" of the Soviet Bloc.
Heterosexual man with a fascination for prostitutes whom he paints gold before sex.
Obsession with color gold.
Gold in name, color of hair, cat, car, clothes and even yellow-skinned Korean servants and henchmen.
The Bond Girls
Always 'out-of-place' sexually, socially and in their political alignment.
Vesper Lynd - Challenging Aggressiveness.
Pussy Galore & Tilly Masterton - Lesbianism and Ideological difference.
Honeychile Rider - Traumatic child, wary of men.
Offending Names with Double Entendres or Puns
Pussy Galore
Plenty O'Toole
Xenia Onatopp
Holly Goodhead
"The subject of a free and independent sexuality liberated from the constraints of family, marriage and domesticity."
The women are a challenge to Bond. He confronts them with sexual intercourse, strips them of their agency, places them back in a role of submission and subordination to the man, sexually and socially.
Despite aspects of the novels and the films that may seem absolutely unbelievable, the Bond series continue to go from strength to strength.
His face sells expensive watches, cars, cigarettes and suiting.
"Bond was indestructible because he was a fantasy. And fantasies, of course, can last forever."
Shashi Tharoor
Aayushi Bhargava
Manvi Bhandari
Pankti Shah
Ashwin Choithramani
Deeksha Bhushan
Devanshi Shah
Sanaea Bubber
Aliza Matani
Komal Chandnani
Rucha Pawar
Vaibhavi Parmar
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