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No description

Shannon Emmer

on 10 August 2014

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Transcript of Rome

Pillar of the Western World.
At the height of its' power, the Roman Empire controlled most of the known world.
This blending of ideas led to prosperity for the empire.
Rome took the best from each conquered culture.
Rome flourished for hundreds of years.
What began as a republic was transformed into an empire after the death of Julius Caesar.
Eventually, though, the empire began to weaken.
The empire was immense and needed a standing army to protect her borders. The Roman public, however, had grown complacent and there was a shortage of soldiers.
Roman soldiers could be away from home for years at a time.
Rome's safety now depended on foreigners
German "barbarians" were hired to defend the empire's vast border. These were the very people the empire had been fighting to keep out!
Their legendary dicipline suffered.
Barbarians invade!
The most common reason given for the fall of the empire is the weakened army of hired barbarians. There are other views though.
John Green will explain it.
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