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People, Brands and Charity projects. Elements put together in one Gaming App. ''It's more than just a game.''

Dillon Richardson

on 30 December 2011

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Transcript of MemoryBrands

Introducing a
Introducing a revolutionary game
Presenting a Revolutionary Gaming App
We named it: Memory Brands
Charity projects
Why would the participate?

A traditional Game
Combining three elements:
Proud to introduce:
A Unique Concept
People (smartphone users)
Play memory on their smartphone.
Donate money to a chosen charity project.
Charity projects:
Donate money to a chosen charity project
Why would people play this game?
1. One of the most time consuming activities on the smartphone is playing games.
2. It’s a unique concept. ''It enriches the digital life of smartphone/tablet users.''
3. Most important: people have the opportunity to sponsor a chosen charity project while playing a fun game.
Why would Brands donate?
1. Social Responsibility
2. Branding.
Why would charity projects want to be part of this game?
1. It’s free.
2. It’s a unique way of fundraising.
3. A project receives a lot of free publicity.
It's a win-win-win situation:
Brands Donate, Peope play, Charity wins!
Let’s take a look at the visual concept of MemoryBrands:
Traditional games are hot
3.Unique concept --> Domino-effect

Please contact:
FUNdraising Games
Contact person: Dillon Richardson
E-mail: dillonrichardson@outlook.com
Telephone: 0643029074
Website: www.fundraisinggames.net (availible soon)
Brands donate money to a
chosen Charity Project.

People support a chosen charity project
by playing Memory with Brands.

Every Memory combination has real value.
MemoryBrands thanks you for watching the presentation.
Do you want your brand to participate?
Or do you have any questions?
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