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Constantine the great

By: Paula, Isa, and Aida

Aida Moreno Kiernan

on 31 May 2011

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Transcript of Constantine the great

Constantine the Great St.Constantine was born on February the 27th around 275 AD Father's Death Aida Moreno Kiernan
Paula Victoria Lagemann
Isabela Espadas Barros Leal A hero was born 275 AD Helping in the army 305 AD Around 305 AD, Contantine joined
his father in Britain, where he was fighting.
He helped him through many of his victories. In July of 306 AD, Constantius I passed away.
Constantine was then moved to his father's rank,
Augustus. This was an extremely important
militaristic achievement for him. 306 AD Family Begins 307 AD In 307 AD, he ended his relationship with Minerva, his mistress, and married Fausta in the late summer of 307 AD. Although he had his first son, Crispus, with Minerva. 312 AD In 312 AD, Constantine won the Battle
of the Milvian Bridge and became the leader
of the western half of the empire. SSS SFS YAH YAH NIGGA NIGGA N Video 312 AD Signs from God The day when Constantine's army was on the way to
a battle, it is said that they witnessed a sign from God.
It seems as though in 312 AD, Constantine constantly
receives signs from Christ, indicating his first steps into Christianity. 313 AD 310 AD Defeating
Maximilian Taking Power In 310 AD, one of Constantine's
rivals, Maximilian, was put to death.
He had been fighting with Constantine
his whole life. 1.http://www.roman-colosseum.info/roman-emperors/constantine.htm
6.http://www.roman-emperors.org/conniei.htm Citations Shortly after receiving signs from God, Constantine issued the Edict of
Milan, which declared that he would protect all Christians. He also began
to pay priest an awful lot of money and giving the church several grand
donations in order to keep it up and running. This gave him much pride
as a ruler and he was then rewarded with many ceremonies and festivals. 325 AD In 325 AD, Constantine was declared head of the church.
This was the first time that an emperor had control of the
church in any way and had such a great impact upon it. Leaving Rome 326 AD At around 326 AD, Constantine left Rome
to form his own city. He formed Constantinople,
which then began a city of grand importance
for Christians. He made schools, churches and
theaters in order to make his city all that he
hoped for. Constantine's Death Constantine died as a 64 year old man
in his palace in Nicomedia. He died of
old age on May 22nd of the year 337 AD.
His rule in the rank of Augustus was the
longest than any other previous man in
this rank up to his time. 337 AD Head of Church Christian Growth
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